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on Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 14th of February 2008, Valentine's Day and many people's thoughts turn to love and romance. I thought it would be interesting to ask you readers, "Which famous couple best portrays for you the romance that Valentine's Day represents to you."

Do you imagine being swept off your feet? Is there someone out there that the fates have appointed for you? Are you impressed by power? Good-looks? Passion?

I have chosen a few famous couples here. Please take the poll on the side bar and select 5 choices.

Romeo and Juliet - Star-crossed lovers
We start with this famous couple whose families tried to keep apart but are united in death.

Catherine and Heathcliffe (Wuthering Heights) - haunted lovers
A love that starts in childhood but seems to go beyond the grave. Heathcliffe's love and obsession is so powerful that it consumes him even after Catherine's death. A powerful, dark brooding passion.

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler – Swept off Your Feet
Perhaps your idea of romance is to have a handsome devil sweep you off your Southern Belle feet. Flirtatious and tempestuous.

Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere – Forbidden Love
The excitement of forbidden love? To fall for that which you are sworn to protect even at the cost of betraying the trust of your king and friend? Passion before duty.

Odysseus and Penelope - Patient, enduring love
Separated soon after they were married, Odysseus will endure a long 20 year journey to return to his love. Penelope remains faithful and spurns the advances of hundreds of men even though she had no news of her husband and little hope that he was still alive. Odysseus too must resit much danger and temptation before they can be reunited.

Anthony and Cleopatra – Tragic love
The world's most beautiful woman and one of the most powerful generals in the world. For their love's sake tried to stand against the might of Rome itself.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono – inspired, free spirits.
Both artists who seem to complement each other and to inspire each other to new creative heights .......even if it meant the end of the Beatles.

Marie and Pierre Curie – meeting of minds
A couple who shared a common passion for science and a love for each other; successfully combining the pursuit of minds and hearts.

Helen of Troy and Paris – Obsessive, consuming love
The face that launched a thousand ships and a love that had a war fought over it.

Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson – love worth losing your crown for.
The British law would not allow Prince Edward to marry the American divorcee. No problem. Edward chose to give up his kingdom for love's sake.

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal – A monumental love.
Out of this love, we have one of the world's great wonders, the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan built it to commemorate his love for his wife.

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie - A match made in Hollywood.
Perhaps, the modern day poster couple for love as found in tinseltown and promoted in the media. The love of two of the world's beautiful people.

That's it, folks. Please cast your votes. What are you waiting for? Stop looking. I did not include Kermit and Ms. Piggy. You can also tell me who I have been guilty of leaving off the list in the comments section. Happy Valentine's Day!


pissed off patricia said...

You can add my husband and I to that list. We sure do qualify. Our love story is one that only romantic poets tell about.

Tai said...

I really love Kathryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracey, too.

blackcrag said...

I'm chronically single, so I can't take the poll. They're not famous, but the romance/relationship I want is my parents. They've been married for over 50 years and I really can't imagine one without the other.

So when I do meet 'her', that's the goal.

Dave said...

I know you didn't include this one but Archie Bunker and Edith comes to mind when I think of a romantic couple. Yah, I know... I am a cynical type of guy! LOL

heiresschild said...

i chose Pierre and Marie--a meeting of the minds and passion, and don't forget Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Loved your post and the list. I'm here from Dave's page, he quoted you as his inspiration for his post today. I don't have much of an example as I come from a family of divorces (all but 1 sibling is divorced, plus parents). But it's ok, I enjoy watching others being happy, it makes me happy :)

Claire said...

My hubby and I are in the Odysseus and Penelope camp. We've patiently endured one another for 23 years now!

Gina said...

Clark Kent and Lois Lane- The curious 'so close and yet so far' wishful thinking, dependable friendship kind of love.

Superman and Lois Lane- Dreamy Heroic Love, the kind that comes through, saves the day, protects and provides and then disappears until you need him again.

blackcrag said...

I have a second thought: the couple my love life resembles is Pepe LePeu and that black cat he's always chasing.

jmb said...

What no Charles and Camilla?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Duly noted. Mr. and Mrs Patricia to be immortalised by poets. Thank you for your frankness. Poets, take note.

True, true. I thought of them but they were kind of having an open affair. I thought it was a bad example for some of our younger readers......all one of them.

May I have your permission to assign tai, kimber and gang as cupids? Interestingly, i used to describe myself as chronically celebate. Praise God for your parents wonderful marriage and love. What an inspiration.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Archie and Edith?!? Well, that is love at its most tolerant! Good choice. Perhaps the most realistic example of how love really works in real life.

Wow. I thought few if any would have considered the Curies. Good on you. The Huxtables are just too perfect. They can't be real. How about Anne Nichol Smith and her billionaire husband? Unfortunately a more common and realistic model?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for visiting this humble blog and leaving your pawprints. I am sorry to hear of all that divorce in your family but glad that you remain a positive person. Divorce is becoming very common which is why a few traditional diehards like me try to showcase successful marriages to try to inspire a change in the trend.

Interesting choice. Read Dave's comment and my reply. Perhaps you might also consider Archie and Edith bunker.

I appreciate and respect your choice of Superman/Clarke - Lois Lane. Still how much could Lois really love them if she can't even tell they are the same person except for the spectacles. Love is Blind?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Interestingly, I had a post with Pepe and the black cat around Valentine's Day last year. Love is blind and has no sense of smell?

I thought of Charles and Camilla but then I worried that I would be slammed by the Charles and Diana gang or worse, the Diana and that ungrateful stupid Prince gang. Then, let's not forget the Diana and Dodi faction. Naw, way, way too controversial and sensitive.

Canada said...

I'm voting for Cathy and Heathcliffe. I love Wuthering Heights. Or Edward and Wallis - now that's love!
Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful :)

riseoutofme said...

Napoleon and Josephine?

Dr. Zhivago and Lara?

Andy Capp and his missus?

Samson and Delilah?

Too many romantics out there!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You are the consumate romantic!

Okay, you got me. There are many examples I left out. Still, let's examine your suggestions:-

Napolean & Josephine -short guys have hope?

Dr. Zhivago & Lara - Ummm, would you believe I never ever finished the movie or the book?

Andy Capp & missus - the drunk chauvinist rules the nest?

Samson & Delilah - Hey, she betrayed him!

Odat said...

All good ones!


MedStudentWife said...

After the cards that Fidel & I exchanged this Valentine's Day - totally unaware of the other's choice.. we are definitely a sort of Miss Piggy and Kermit couple.

Does Dr Seuss have a couple in his works ? Because if he does, I can see us closer to that.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...


Fidel and MSW can be officially listed in their own category.

meggie said...

We are more in the anti-romance category.
We are just Chalk & Cheese, & always will be!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

A shoot. Did I miss the voting??

I can honestly say that I have or have had all of these kinds of loves. I think we are capable of all forms of love at the same time or in cycles.

But that wasn't a choice was it? Sorry... I'm a miserable voter! ;)

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