Squirrels; More or Less?

on Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, this is my landmark 10th blog entry and I thought I would allow you, my faithful of handful of readers to help steer the direction of this blog. A poll! That's what we need as it is currently trendy to make decisions in this populist and democratic way. The Squirrel Content in this Blog which I should remind my precious few readers is after all called the Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel, is about 30-35% of the first 10 blog entries.

Give your opinion. Exercise your whatever. Make your views known and contribute to a better Blog. So; the Question is "Should there be more squirrel or less squirrel?"

The answers are;
a) More, more, Much MORE!!!!
b) Less, Less, the Least
c) Just Right
d) Aren't squirrels really just tree rats? So what's the fuss. or
e) This is the best blog ever. Don't change a thing and accept all my life savings as a donation to carry on with your good work.

After your votes have been tabulated by the Lone Grey Squirrel, he will decide what to do next. If he likes what you say, he may use it or he may totally ignore it or just announce that you all agreed with what he had decided on all along. Isn't on-line democracy just dandy?

Anyway, on-line polls, surveys can often deliver some strange conclusions but the people of today increasingly follow the herd. It is along the lines of "Peanuts....... ten thousand monkeys can't be wrong". You know what I mean. If 2 out of 3 Hollywood leading men choose to carry guns then that's the right thing to do. If 6 out of every 10 top models suffer from bulimea, than thats normal for all girls to follow. Here are some real surveys that came from http://www.multireply.com/ Do you agree with their findings? Lone Grey Squirrel has made a few well chosen comments.

1. If you were left on earth with just one person to reproduce all of mankind with, who would that be? Answer: Bill Clinton LGS says " I am speechless"
2. Which animal is most intellegent? Answer: Cats LGS says "Squirrrels, man. Can a cat raid a bird feeder? I rest my case."
3. Which is the best country to live in? Answer: USA LGS says"Hmmm. Bad Nut suspected." 4. Which country is the worst off? Answer: USA
5. Which country has the prettiest women? Answer: USA
6. Which country has contributed the most to mankind? Answer: USA LGS says" I see a pattern developing"
7. Most beautiful animal? Answer: Giraffe LGS says " The world must stop promoting the thin, long legged and long necked vision of beauty. Women should be told that chubby is acceptable"
8. What is the worst place in the world that you have visited? Answer: Public toilet LGS says, "at last, some sense. But where in the world is the worst public toilet?"

So enjoy this poll and look forward to the results.


eastcoastdweller said...

Your tenth post did not deserve to languish unanswered, and I'm glad that your later ones seem to attract a lot of readers.

You're a thinking kind of guy -- er, squirrel.

The more you can write the better. But I understand busy-ness. Lots of nuts to gather, even if winter is still a long way away.

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