If I Were God . . . . . . .

on Sunday, December 16, 2007

If I were to put myself in God’s place,
And desired to reveal myself to all mankind,
Whom might I choose as champion or face,
To bring an image of God’s nature to mind.

For God’s Almighty Power or strength,
To show what Divine Might is about,
There is no need to think at length,
It would have to be Hercules or the Hulk.

God’s power and His domain is over all nature
Over the living and all physical matter, the Lord of the Universe
Able to create or destroy, past, present and future
Calling up storms and throwing thunderbolts, it has to be Zeus.

When it comes to portraying God’s justice
To show that God’s law is all-important, His judgment right
Judge Dredd executes swiftly without prejudice
Allowing no excuses or remorse for all is black and white

And what of God’s Glory, its brightness and its radiance
The King of Kings, surrounded and worshiped by the Heavenly hosts
Perhaps Cleopatra with her subjects prostrate in her sight,
Adorned from head to toe with finest gold and jewels might come close

But now, how to show the softer side as well,
That God is also qualities like love, merriment and happiness,
They amongst the Greek and Roman pantheons dwell
Let the good times roll with the likes of Aphrodite, Pan and Bacchus.

But I am thankful that God is greater and wiser than me
That He does care for man and to show Himself, He had a plan,
God’s power, might, divinity, justice, glory, love, shown clearly
Not by warrior or king, not in gold and finery or mighty men,
To serve and not to be served, in humility came as a baby,
To save and seek the lost, the journey started in Bethlehem.

“For there was no other way, the God of Love could find,
To reconcile the world and save a lost mankind.”

Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us.


MedStudentWife said...

Beautiful :)

squirrelmama said...

...and I might add, the photo is both stunning and humbling. Thank you. :-)


Open Grove Claudia said...

What a beautiful photo, but Squirrelly? I thought you WERE God. ;)

Dave said...

Truly God is great! I loved the words you posted! And the picture... How inspiring! Thanks for the reminder LGS! :-)

patterns of ink said...

I'll never forget the two times, decades apart, when I've seen the Northern Lights.
Beautiful post!

Middle Ditch said...

Love it.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...


Thank you.

Such flattery! But alas, squirrels are as mortal as humans.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It is good for all of us to be reminded of God's love for us. Have a blessed Christmas.

Northern lights are such a wonder.

middle ditch,
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment on my modest attempt at poetry but hope you got the spirit of the thing. Don't be a stranger in these parts, come back soon.

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful AND inspiring at the same time Lgs and the photo is gorgeous. It's so wonderful to see people not afraid to admit their beliefs. Thanks for sharing this.

seventh sister said...

Beautiful photo. Beautiful words.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

If Jesus was willing to stand for me....such as I am, how can I not stand for Him who is worthy.

seventh sister,
Thank you for your visit and kind comments.

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