Carols from Trafalgar Square

on Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Carolling at Trafalgar Square, 2009

The Christmas Tree from Oslo

One of the highlights of my current re-visit of London is Trafalgar Square. This historical square at one point used to be filthy and pigeon and dove infested. This has all changed and it has been transformed into a truly people friendly spot worthy of being a focal point for travelers and Londoners alike in the very heart of the city.

For many years, the people of Oslo send a tree as a gift to the people of London and it is erected at Trafalgar Square. There, under the watchful eye of Nelson's statue and just across the way from the St. Martin's in the Field church, the tree is often the spot from which choirs and carolers sing and celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ. It is a wonderful location and passer-bys get to sit on the steps leading from the National Gallery into the Square while enjoying the performances and singing along.

My wife and I were fortunate to be there on such an evening recently. The video below is of the same event in 2008. I have also included a video of Josh Groban singing one of my favorite carols, "O Holy Night", which he is singing from Rockerfeller Center, the New York City equivalent of Trafalgar Square.

And so, dear friends, may I wish you a blessed Christmas from Trafalgar Square. May the light of love and hope that shone in Bethlehem's streets, shine also in your life. God bless.


secret agent woman said...

Merry Christmas, Squirrel!

VioletSky said...

I love the energy around Christmas in the City (especially London and New York)

Happy Christmas to the Squirrels!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Merry Christmas and may the true spirit of the season bless this world.

Gledwood said...

Hi ~ have a very merry one in the Centre of the Universe!!!!!!

And a fantastic 2010


Lorac said...

Merry Christmas LGS! All the best in the New Year.


Merry Christmas Mr. LGS! Have a wonderful time and safe travels!! :) God bless.

jmb said...

Merry Christmas to you LGS.
What a lovely sight and that is one of my favourite carols too but I still have a soft spot for the Pavarotti version.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! The pictures look lovely.

heiresschild said...

what beautiful scenery!

MERRY CHRISTMAS LGS to you and your family!

evalinn said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas LGS! :-)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Secret agent woman,
Blessed Christmas.

I am sure you would have enjoyed the caroling. Blessed Christmas.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Blessed Christmas and may Christ whose birth we celebrate be ever close to you this coming new year.

Thanks. May you have a blessed Christmas and new year. May the snow be a joy and not a nuisance.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Blessed Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

Many thanks and have a blessed Christmas and a great new year.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Blessed Christmas to you, Moggs and your loved ones. As for the carol, I thought I would help the younger man (Josh Groban) along.

Thank you for visiting and for your greetings. May you be blessed this Christmas and also in the new year. see you around.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Have a blessed Christmas and wonderful new year, my dear friend.

Have a blessed Christmas and remember what I said about the white stuff!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas was the best and may you and your loved ones have a great new year!! Betty

heartinsanfrancisco said...

How very lovely! I hope your Christmas was blessed and that the New Year will bring never-ending delights to you and your family.

My favorite chamber orchestra in the world is The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi Betty,
Best wishes to you and yours for the new year.

I sat in on a choir practice at St. Martin in the field. We had planned to join them for caroling but it is by paid ticket and in combination with freezing and wet weather as well as a throat infection, we did not go.

XUP said...

Happy New Year! Halifax, Nova Scotia sends a tree to Boston every year, too, as a thank you for all their help following the Halifax Explosion in 1917. Nice little international traditions

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I remember reading about the Halifax tragedy. It is good to remind new generations of these good deeds in the past. Happy new year.

日月神教-向左使 said...


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