Castaway's Choices

on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi guys and gals. I am just about ready to reveal my castaway's booty but first, I must thank you all for your interesting Desert Island Discs selections so far. As I said in the last post, you can chose 8 pieces of music (records or CDs), one book and one luxury item to take with you into exile on a desert island.

Mark and Jo have a strong preference for classical music to help them while their time on their tropical prison. Squirrelmama liked both classical as well as opera singing by the likes of Andre Bocelli. Geewits was the most eclectic and probably most similar to my own choices; but I also was introduced to a couple of musicians that I hadn't known, Leon Russel (Mark's choice) and Gato Barbeiri (Squirrelmama's choice).

Amongst the luxury items, the ladies opted for various skin care products and lip balm. Mark, always the rascal and pushing the limits of the rules, chose a yacht which is a very liberating luxury indeed.

Coming now to books, I liked all the choices. Moby Dick (Mark) and The Count of Monte Cristo (Geewits) seem like most appropriate choices given the circumstances but Jo's "Complete works of Somerset Maugham" hits close to home as some of his stories are based in and around Malaysia. Mago, on the other hand, wants to take eight books instead of eight pieces of music.

Okay, here goes. Drum roll please. Here's Lone Grey Squirrel's all alone on an island choices;

1. & 2. Classical music cause it is so uplifting and for watching the sunrise or sunset. One
would have to be the entire suite of the Planets by Holst and the other a compilation
of the
other great composers like Mozart, Beethoven etc.
3. Songs of Worship to praise God and to feed the spirit.
4. Billy Joel's Greatest Hits cause I love the Piano-man.
5. I need my jazz and I choose the uncomparable Ella Fitzgerald.
6. Showtunes and musicals. Either a compilation or the very first love, West Side Story.
7. When the stars come out and I need to party.....Black Eyed Peas.
8. I need the Celtic Touch. I choose The Chieftains.

Once I spent a lot of time alone at a forest research centre and it had one book. I remember that it kept me company for many nights with not one tale but with many; reading one a night like a modern story of Arabian Nights. So I choose this well tested and proven companion; the complete Short Stories of O Henry.

Why, it has to be a computer with internet excess so that I can continue to visit your blogs. What else could it be?


geewits said...

I loved your choices. It's always funny that we, two disparate people, always seem to think so much alike. I actually went to to see if there was a good Broadway musical album with some "West Side Story" songs on it and only found one song from that. Odd. There was even a Stephen Sondheim compilation that I think did not have a WSS song, so I guess you'd have to go with just the WSS recording. Okay, I am way overthinking this! Thanks for a fun post.

mago said...

The Planets, whow! I never heared it completely ... The short stories are a very good idea! I wrote the list in the other comment box, sorry.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Sounds like a great island. I love that you have electricity. A/C too? I'm so there!

Jo said...

Ella Fitzgerald...! Yes...! Oh, goodness, how could I forget Ella Fitzgerald???

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I have a theory that we are fundamentally alike since we both like Buffy; I mean Buffy fans are already an elite cultural group! Any other significant differences are then blurred by the effect of beer. :)

Your list does say a lot about you. I think selecting the Zedler (which has so much info, pictures and comes in 64 volumes) is an inspired choice.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Have you seen those "wind-up" computers which have been developed for the third world? well, I will be using one of those. That's all I am going to say. Now stop ruining my fantasy island with reality.

Will Ella forgive you?

XUP said...

I missed the whole game, but I would, like Mago, want to choose extra books instead of the music

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

No time limit. You could still leave your list here.

Anonymous said...

simply stopping by to say hello

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