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on Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi guys,

My intentions was to post my second installment on Barcelona, Spain but the masterly crafted MTV style video featuring scantily clad squirrels dancing around on the old cobbled streets of Barcelona will have to wait at least another week before it can be unleashed to the unsuspecting public. Unfortunately the computer in the laboratory from which I plot world conquest has been infected!!!! (and I wonder if I picked it up from any of you????)

Yes, now whenever I switch it on and attempt to retrieve said video, something strange happens which I can only describe as "groovy"; i.e. it looks like Windows that is tripping on LSD. I fear that I may have to send said computer to rehabilitation and who knows how long that will take.

So here I was, with no means to plot world domination when suddenly, sweet Marja of Dutchcorner, gives me this wonderful award for "Interesting Blog 2009" which originated from BlueDreamer . Thank you Marja. Without knowing it, you have given me much appreciated encouragement and have averted world conquest.........if only the free world knew how much it owed you.

As always, it now falls on me to spread the good mojo. It goes without saying that I like all the blogs on my blogroll and invite you to visit all of them but I would like to highlight the following with this "Interesting Blog 2009" award (in no particular order);

1. Guilty with an Explanation - What isn't interesting about the way Hearts sees life in San Francisco. Why even the title is interesting, don't cha tink?

2. The Unmitigated Word - I generally do not dally long on blogs that pontificate on politics and other heavy issues. So the fact that Andre's blog talks politics and deals with some deep social issues and I find it so interesting, makes this blog real special in my books. Andre covers the issue with real passion and with a great deal of thought and does it very objectively. Two thumbs up, bro.

3. For the Love of Women - This is a work of love by Eastcoastdweller and a small team that he has cobbled together (of which LGS is fortunate to be part of). This is a tribute to women. And aren't women interesting? If you want to learn more about women and their contributions to life on this world then do visit FLOW as we affectionately call it.

4. Gledwood Vol 2 Main Blog - Gledwood's blog has great recipes (for batchlors), has lots of cool videos, has wonderful posts about his Roborovski hamsters and he writes with frankness about his struggles with addiction. In his own words, his blog is about, "HAMSTERS & HEROIN: Not all junkies are purse-snatching grandmother-killing psychos. I'm keeping this blog to bear witness to that fact." Interesting, no?

5. The Molly Bawn Chronicles - Hmmm. So similar to the "Unsinkable Molly Brown". Coincidence? I think not! I am sure Molly Bawn is equally unsinkable! From the very first time I visited her blog, I have enjoyed her stories and her reflections. She's Irish which explains a lot. She does quilting and blogs about it too. Once I made a derogatory remark about quilting and Molly saved me from the lynch mob of her other readers by making me plead insanity so I am indebtted to her. But seriously, her tales of here and now and of yesteryear and of the Ol' Sod are very interesting.

Thanks again Marja and I hope all of you will visit the awardees.


Gledwood said...

thank you Lone Grey

hey you don't need recipes for bacherlors ~ where you been hiding this Mrs LoneGrey..??!?

Gledwood said...

... in Church..?..??..?!?

VioletSky said...

Thank goodness for plot diversions.

Well done. Now I have more blogs to check out. (today is 'Family Day' here, but I have no family here so ...)

Gledwood said...

we've got infections in these computers ~ going like clap round a 1960s hippie commune!

Marja said...

You're welcome squirrel Well earned!!
Time to party with some nuts

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I remember my days of cooking for myself and your recipes do hold an interest. During the first couple of years of my marriage, I did all the cooking cause before that my wife did not know how to cook. Nowadays, I do get pampered. But I still remember from whence I came.

As for the computer problems, isn't it just like that to have a virus just before I launch world conquest?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry that your family isn't near you. I am guessing you are in Toronto but where is your home town?


Molly said...

Thanks for the encouragement LGS! You know us Irish---filled with guilt and self doubt! You made my day.....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Now there are more interesting blogs I have to read...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

The Irish may be filled with guilt and self doubt but you are also a bunch of mischievous leprechauns with a very special view of life.

Thanks and happy reading. Your blog is also very distinctively interesting. Love your dry sense of humor.

VioletSky said...

I live near Toronto with no kids, which is where I'm from and where a niece stll lives, other than her, I only have a brother who is a couple of hours northeast.

Janice Thomson said...

You're such a hoot LGS - I love reading your posts as I know I'm guaranteed a smile for the rest of the day. Congrats on a well deserved award.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I guess families are increasingly separated by distance these days. I have one brother in the same city and we meet maybe once a month but my other siblings are in Sydney and in Hong Kong.

I am fortunate that people find my whimsical gibberish interesting. I am reminded of a chimpanzee smearing paint on a fresh canvas with an anthropologist saying,"Interesting, Very interesting."

Andre said...

Thanks for the award LGS!

Now, to whom should I make checks payable?

squirrelmama said...

wait - scantily clad squirrels? male or female?

Jocelyn said...

Wonderful shout-outs...especially deserving is Heart. She is steady and smart and consistent--the adult I'd like to be one day.

Good luck with your computer. Ick!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, if you are offering to write checks, please make it out to the Lone Grey Squirrel Fund for Disgruntled Madmen who Failed to Conquer the World.

Both! We are an equal opportunity exploiter!

Yeah, you and me both......adults like Hearts one day. Yes that day will come.

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