Caroming Thoughts

on Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Left Brain has staged a coup. It has decided that it is only logical that readers of this blog could not possibly be interested in more consecutive posts about my recent trip to Borneo. Right Brain countered that based on some readers’ comments, it felt that it would be alright to have more Borneo posts. Left Brain laughed and taunted, “You call that a convincing argument?” Left Brain reminded Right Brain about the pre-agreed editorial policy of spacing out similar posts to ensure greater variety. Left Brain emphatically put an end to any consideration of further posts on Borneo at this time, celebrating this as a victory of intellect and logic over mushy-feely thinking.

With that, Right Brain has withdrawn to consider creative ways to launch a counter-offensive, leaving the field to the victorious Left Brain. In celebration, Left Brain has decided to post on “caroming thoughts” or how one thought hits another to form a chain of connected thoughts.

Caroms is a game for 2-4 players and played on a special wooden caroms board with 9 white and 9 black seeds and a red seed called the “Queen”. The object of the game is to use a special striker and with a flick of the fingers, use the striker to hit the seeds and to get your colored seeds into the pockets in the corners of the board. “Caroming Thoughts” comes from the idea of the seeds colliding with one another in sequence.

Let us now follow this scientific experiment.

1. Squirrels love peanuts!

2. Peanuts are part of the legume family which have nitrogen fixing nodules which actually help to enrich the soil.

3. Enriching the soil nowadays often need costly chemical fertilizers because pesticides and herbicides have killed off the naturally occurring friendly soil organisms.

4. Chemicals have changed our lives so much. For example, it allows us to change our hair color.

5. Do blondes really have more fun? And do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Marilyn Monroe is okay. Nicole Kidman is better but for me, dark-haired beauties Sophia Loren and Isabella Rossalini rule.

6. Nicole Kidman was of course the star of the movie musical extravaganza “Moulin Rouge”.

7. Moulin Rouge means the Red Windmill. Man has been harnessing the power of the wind for sailing, milling and for pumping water.

8. Water is a finite resource that is essential to life. It needs to be managed sustainably and protected from pollution and wastage.

9. What is the essentials to life? Is it enough just to exist? What is the meaning of life? What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

10. The answer to the last question can be found in the book “Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adam. Now he was smart, intellectual and had a great sense of the ridiculous. He was a nut and I liked him.

The experiment started with nuts and ended with nuts. This conclusively proves that the world revolves round nuts. Left Brain out.


Becky Wolfe said...

Love the circle of thoughts right back to nuts!

Left Brain of Squirrel, switch off for another day - we want to hear more about Borneo!

Josie said...
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Janice Thomson said...

You are just too funny LGS! I too would LOVE to hear more about Borneo so please post more.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It is fortunate that Left Brain does not take offense with your words. To take offence would be an illogical and an emotional response. Something Left Brain's hero, Spock of Star Trek, would never do.

The truth is, I got a little bored talking about Borneo even though the readers seem to like it. I could have obliged but tonight I just needed to blow off some non-Bornean steam. As much as I love my readers and visitors, I have to enjoy my blog. Tonite, writing another post on Borneo seemed like a chore. I just needed a break and do something different. But more on Borneo will follow shortly. Hope you will not stay fishing and away for long. We all love visiting with you.

Thanks and thanks for the tuition on poetry. One day soon. But for now, more on Borneo in the next post.

Open Grove Claudia said...

YAY!! Well done! I love the connections and the logic.

...Kat said...

Minds Do Wander

I remember once as a little girl
( while skating in the carport), I put a pause to my stream of consiousness and tracked my way back from thought to thought, examining my mind's journey...

...Kat said...

i think you caroomed wrongly in going from 3 to 4 by the way (violating the thread)

Anonymous said...

well as a card carrying nut I concur completely with your conclusion.
This caroming idea sounds a lot like the Kevin Bacon connection game that is played by..none other than nutty people.
Center brain..out!:)

Anonymous said...

The answer was in the 40ties ...
Whom would you consider to be Right Brain's hero?

meggie said...

I really enjoyed this post as much as your others! Variety is the spice etc,,,,

Anonymous said...

I knew I forgot something.
It can be played with sticks too.

"Shots of the masters" recommended.

Gerbil said...

re: number 10 - aha! I always suspected that you were indeed a hoopy frood.

and... squirrels apparently also like chocolate cake although I suspect they got quite a bellyache.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Left Brain is grateful to find someone appreciative of logic.

Ooooo. Going backwards and tracing your thoughts! That's even harder.
As for 3 to 4,(or is it 4 to 5) you may be right but Left Brain stubbornly refuses to see it.

"Card carrying Nut"? Is that the same as a Nut carrying cards? What a coincidence! I don't know anything about Kevin Bacon's Connection game but bacon is one of my favorites .....goes well with eggs.

Sorry didn't understand the answer. Right Brain has too many heroes. Probably a hero for every mood and feeling. Again, I learn something new....did not know you can play caroms with sticks.

Thank you. Left Brain appreciates the sentiment.

are you actually a pan-dimensional galactic being?

nancycle said...

Have you been smoking more of that Borneo weed? ;)

Love your thought process!

Molly said...

I love the way one thought leads to another, and that to another.....and then trying to figure out how on earth I come to be thinking of THIS, and then retracing the thought trail all the way back. Greatfun!

Anonymous said...

The answer in Adams' guide was in the 40ties: 47 or 43 - I forgot.

I once was told that the fine art of carombilards or carambolage (three balls, no pockets) originated or was influenced by carom, the asian game you like to play. In the intro of the caromcafe some very fine shots are shown. Sorry for these cryptic remarks.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Borneo weed! Haha! My thought process would be most interesting if I had been smoking that!

it is better if you can trace back a thought and see if it is a linear progression or scattered and unpredictable.

I too forget but I know what you mean. I think it was 47. And thanks for the info on carombillards.

Odat said...

Great post!

nancycle said...

I should have said "Borneo Bud"...

Melanie said...

*standing ovation*

this post rules. that is all.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks. Shalom.

Borneo Bud would probably market very nicely.

Thanks. My first standing ovation. Usually when people stand up , I get ready to duck the rotten fruit. Lol. :)

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