Fatboy Slim and Other Contradictions

on Sunday, May 06, 2007

My taste in music is quite eclectic but I still generally lean to mainstream and traditional. However, I find some music at the fringes to be very exciting. Fatboy Slim is a contradiction even within the name ("fatboy and slim") but is also a bit by itself in my range of musical favorites. Nevertheless, I do like the music very much and this video in particular stands out. The music is good, the choreography is fantastic and surprise, surprise, veteran serious actor Christopher Walken is amazingly limber and I am so envious of how well he dances. This rare combination makes this 2001 video something special indeed.


Josie said...

Okay, LGS, you are officially my hero. This is my favorite music video and I have been looking for it, but I never thought to look on YouTube because a lot of the videos there are copyrighted. I love Fatboy Slim, and I adoreChristopher Walkenin this video. I was on the floor the first time I saw it. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This video reminded me of a time when we went on a family vacation and the four of us jumped on the beds in our hotel room. We laughed and giggle and took pictures of all of us doing what is not allowed at home. The kids shouted with glee that day, as you can imagine. Thanks for sharing.

leslie said...


Anonymous said...

Funky! And Chridtopher Walken to boot1 I'm impressed.

Michael C said...

I think Christopher Walken is a misunderstood comic genius, I really do!

geewits said...

Thanks LGS! When this video first came out, I kept my TV on MTV almost 24/7! I LOVE Christopher Walken. And not to burst your bubble, but he said a stunt dancer was used in all the complicated scenes. It was great to see that again, so again, thanks!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

A little surprised that you are into Fatboy Slim but surprise is good. Trying to imagine you "on the floor" with this one! LoL. Isn't Mr Walken sexy?

Thanks for the interesting comment. I hadn't thought of it but jumping around in hotels is fun and may be why I like this video. I'd like to be able to fly around like that. It'd be neat.

thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Exactly. I'm surprised Christopher Walken even agreed to do it.

I think he's great in horror. Only seen him in one comedy. You may be right about his comedy potential. I think he'd make a great schizo villian - charming and deranged!

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice the preciousness of this music video. I'm glad to learn that he used a dance double. Otherwise I'd be forced to hate him for being so limber at his age! haha.

CS said...

I love Christopher Walken anyway, but this was truly funny.

...Kat said...

Walken is Adancing alright!

awwww....a dance double! That's ok....where can I find one of those for myself!

Actually my best dancing days, years ago, were wonderful!! Samba! Magical!

Odat said...

I enjoyed that ...thanks for sharing...not only can he dance, but he sure can fly!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this video when it first came out. The music is great and Christopher Walken is fantastic.
Thanks for posting.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love love love that video! Thanks for sharing it!

I saw an interview with Christopher Walken where he said that Gene Kelly actually complimented his dancing - and that was the biggest compliment of his life. Who knew?

squirrel said...

I had never heard of this band or this song. BUT I LIKE IT! I love Christopher Walken too! Great video, thanks for sharing!

nancycle said...

Ah...That felt good. I could watch it over and over again. Why is he such an obvious role for this scene? What is it about him?!


geewits said...

Another piece of trivia: It was filmed in a closed mall, not a hotel. Now I'm starting to think I know way too much about this video!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

another Walken fan! It's wonderful how he switches from this tired, bored traveler in the video to this enliven dancer. Funny is right.

Did you do a lot of dancing and regularly? Afraid, I have two left feet.

yes. I wanna fly too. Need to smoke more parking tickets.

you're welcome.

thanks for the info on Gene kelly's comments. That must have been nice to hear.

Glad you like video and actor!

I too wonder about how it came about that he was asked to do this msic video.

perhaps you could find out for us how did Christopher Walken end up on this video.

Melanie said...

it really is quite a contradiction, isn't it. Walken's face stays calm and impassive throughout, despite what his body is doing. it's quite fascinating.

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