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squirrelmama said...

If Blogging were declared an Olympic event, dear LGS, you would be a sure Gold Medalist! I also think related events, such as Olympic Programming, Competitive Mousing and Advanced Keyboarding would be excellent additions to the Games. Best of all, no one would have to travel great distances (thus saving on travel costs), this part of the Games could be held on the Internet!
However, I vote to keep Equestrian Events (speaking of course as someone who enjoys time riding her equine pals). You never know - as fuel prices soar - whether horses will return as a viable form of transport once more!

MedStudentWife said...

I am so with you LGS !!!

Thought of another - the Rapid Transit Shuffle.... the skill is to get an empty seat on a crowdedbus.. takes a lot of cunning and forethough/planning

Or the Rapid Transit Stamina event... have the athletes wait for an hour in the rain to get on a very crowded bus that has a route that takes 2hours to comlete and has standing room only.... the last one left standing, wins

Or the Rapid Transit Hurdles... the 1st person to by pass all the bug baby strollers at the front of the bus, then by pass all the people standing with the required backpacks... to get to all the empty seats at the back, wins.

Claire said...

Here's another: Excuse Making, the fastest person to make semi-plausible excuses for why they are not responsible for their own messed up lives.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I love the idea of Competitive mousing. Just for that, I shall relent and say that horses shall out live the petrol driven combustion engines.

I like Rapid Transit Hurdles. It is something someone can train for. Perhaps as a variation of cross country running or steeplechase, we could have cross-city commuting and bus chasing.

A good idea but excuse making is already in the Olympics. Just listen to the interviews after the favorites fail to win their events.

the walking man said...

The real competition for medals would be in video gaming. There is a virtual plethora of olympic age competitors.

Margaret said...

I know they have it somewhere, but it should be wrapped up with the regular Oympics. It's called Olympics of the mind.

Where creative and somewhat genius peeps come up with neat, wonderful ideas. This would be great for finding a way to cut our fuel consumption or even.. to save the squirrels!

Chase March said...

I don't think I'd like to watch these proposed modern games. It's bad enough just seeing some of that stuff in public. I wouldn't want to watch it on TV and cheer from my couch.

Chase March said...

I meant to put that comment on the other entry. What I wanted to say here is that my Blogroll isn't showing up today. I guess we are both having some technical difficulties.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Just imagine a virtual Olympics done by video conferencing!

"save the squirrels"? You got my support.

Couch sitting would also be an event! :)

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