Dark Eclipse of the Paper Moon

on Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disclaimer:- In the last post, I attributed my disappearance as being in the shadow of Jupiter. When I did that, I had no idea that this week would be the Super Mother of All Solar Eclipses. Was it just coincidence? Perhaps, but then again the antenna in my brain that was placed there by visiting Jovian space creatures may have kept me sub-consciously in tune with cosmic happenings. Which ever, I am back, refreshed and raring to blog!

The title of this post is "Dark Eclipse of the Paper Moon". It really consists of three sub-posts below which are all unrelated and is being told in reverse order.

I know I am a bit late with this post but last Monday was the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and man's landing on the moon. Or rather the alledged landing. Yes, folks, this squirrel just loves conspiracy theories and one of my favorites is the theory that the lunar landing was all a hoax staged for propaganda and morale benefits.

As the theory goes, it was the Cold War. Russia won the race to space by sending a cosmonaut into orbit. Communism seemed like it was gaining ground all over the world. President Nixon needed a "victory" to shore up American morale. Also we all know how upright and truthful Nixon was. Some bright spark spin doctor suggests that the USA can win the race to the moon via Hollywood technology.

I know the Mythbusters have done a special on TV and have declared the lunar landing conspiracy theory to be a myth but die hards like me .......well, die hard.

The above picture shows a fully lit astronaut descending the stairs in the dark shadow cast by the lunar module (see dark shadow on ground). Bear in mind the only light source is the sun. How is it that the astronaut so brightly lit? Mythbusters claim it is from reflected light from the surrounding surfaces. I find it hard to believe. Flat surfaces reflect light at an angle away from the incident light. It should not light up someone on the darkside of an object.

The above photos show another problematic aspect of the evidence of the lunar landing. The cameras used had crosshairs etched onto the lens as reference points. This will result in clearly visible crosshairs on every photograph and the crosshairs can only be always in front of any images recorded. Yet, if you look at the label "L", you will see that the crosshair is behind the equipment. There are quite a few of these examples.

The real cute thing is that Hollywood then makes a movie about a fake Mars landing called Capricorn One. Take the truth of a fake lunar landing and make it look like a piece of fiction. It's like hiding a hoax in plain sight.

Enuff said. Let me know what you think.

The grand celestial show on Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a wash-out in most places as the sky was full of clouds. In Malaysia, we had a solid bank of low clouds so we could not even see the 20% eclipse we were expecting.

It is interesting to note that in many parts of Asia, the eclipse of the sun is still viewed with superstition and many will not look at it out of fear. Pregnant Indian women are being told not to go out but to stay in bed for the duration. Of course, these people are probably wiser than those who continue to ignore advice and look directly at the sun without proper shielding. With the eclipse traveling across such wide areas of dense populations, statistically, there must be quite a number of newly blind idiots.

I have experienced a partial eclipse before and it was strange to see the shadows and the reduced light. I too would have freaked out if I hadn't been taught about it in school. It can be very awesome and intimidating.

However, this time round, it was mostly just rainy.

Malaysia suffered a different sort of darkness. It was not the eclipse of the sun but it may turn out to be an eclipse of justice. It certainly brought a lot of darkness into the lives of one family in particular and the nation as a whole.

On the 15th of July, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission raided the offices of Members of the State Assembly in Selangor who happen to belong to opposition parties to the Federal Government to investigate alledged misuse of constituency funds. Somehow, the political secretary to one of the State Assemblymen, Teoh Beng Hock, was asked to accompany the officers back to their office to help in their investigations.

It was important to note that Teoh was said to have gone voluntarily and he was a witness and not a suspect. Yet the next day, the 30 year old was found dead on the 5th Floor of the Commissions offices, apparently having plummeted to his death from the 14th Floor. Although, it is known that he was still being interrogated even at 3 am., MACC officers claim to have lost touch with his whereabouts after that.

Teoh was due to marry his pregnant girlfriend on the very next day. Instead, she mourns him at her funeral. How could this young, idealistic public servant who was not even a suspect but voluntarily helping in investigations, ended up tragically killed while at the Commission's Offices?

We hope that there will be no cover up and justice will be done. Then at least this pall of darkness can be lifted just a little.

Teoh's girlfriend and his unborn child face a future without him.

I think it is time to get out from the shadows.


the walking man said...

So sorry to have a man of freedom stolen from your nation at this crucial moment in time when freedom is so heavily assaulted the world over.

*shrug* A solar eclipse is an interesting even it is our reaction to it that has been most curious.

I guess once the Chinese or whomever go's next to the moon they will probably find the detritus we left there and use it for spare parts to fix the junk they will leave there and then we will question whether they were ever there either.

In other words..I believe we did go in '69 and so does LLoyds of London who took a bet after Kennedy issued the challenge from a man who said we would get there. They paid off.

That said...I think we need to clean up some of the hundreds of thousands of pieces of crap we have left out there orbiting this planet before we go further afield to find more places to funk up.

kat said...

So tragic So suspicious
So much pain and suffering and strife that is so unnecessary .... So scary to exist on a society's razor thin wire of whim and caprice which should instead be a broad band of law and justice

I had wished the eclipse event to have been visible to us.... I am sorry that so many in the target area had visibility problems and missed the show. drat.

you have been missed.

:-) we did land on the moon :-)
I have been watching the shows on to celebrate that history .... do you remember the Jose Jimenez comedy routine from the start of the space launchings? I once found a vintage record of it and gave it to my brother. He gave me a book signed by Astronaut Alan Shepherd ;-)

Lisa said...

Thank you, I appreciate it. He hid have a great last week or so. He neve left the yard and he loved the squirrels, they'd eat together with no problem. Thanks.

Owen said...

Too bad that clouds eclipsed the eclipse...

Terrible that people fall from windows or hang themselves etc while in police custody...

We live in a strange and dangerous world.

Wouldn't sort of alot of people have had to have known about it to have produced such a giant hoax ? None of them are talking ??? I haven't read the conspiracy literature about that one, it seems too far fetched... first I've heard of these magic crosshairs... hmmm, something like magic bullets ?

Have a great weekend !

Joyce's Ramblings said...

TV showed a view of the solar eclipse and said that if I lived 100 more years I would get to see one . YUK LOL
I believe they did land on the moon and there have been different things given us because of it. BUT ---
A man can't go with the police and come home to his family? Makes no sense!!!!

Lorac said...

Firstly, I will mention that I am slowly being won over onto the side of a "scam moon landing". I hate to say it as I watched, as a child,that first step on the moon. I was absolutely fascinated! Being a child no more, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. I don't think we will ever know.
I am really sorry to hear about the young statesman and hope justice will be done as well. There is too much death when dealing with some governments, even if they did find he took his own life it sounds like the two are very much tied together.
I remember my last eclipse of the sun. It is pretty cool to see. I am sorry it was cloudy where you were!

secret agent woman said...

I was going ot comment on the Mythbisters episode, which I saw and the eclipse. But the story about Teoh is so sad. Whata travesty.

Marja said...

Love eclipses Missed that last one. About the landing-on-the-moon-hoax you have to talk to my son. He is a conspiracy addict. He always has some documentary which proves some hoax. According to his tapes the whole world is one big hoax. But we have a living prove here, a New Zealand scientist was on TV and he had researched moon rocks. or he must be a hoax too.
Oef too confusing

geewits said...

Please tell me you are kidding about the moon landing. You do say you are a scientist. Okay then here is a scientific experiment for you: In a completely dark room lay down a light colored towel. Place a kleenex box in the middle of the towel and place a grape behind it. Shine a flashlight down onto the towel on the opposite side of the box from the grape and tell me you can't see the grape. You'll see the grape. And the grape is not even wearing a white suit. As for the crosshairs, I could Photoshop that in 5 seconds. There's also a picture on the internet of the great pyramid on Mars. Seriously, you were just kidding right?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I agree. I will totally believe it when they come back with pictures of trash on the moon.

As for freedom, why do so many try to take away the freedom of others?

It truly feels like we live here in the shadow of injustice. As for the moon landing, I just enjoy promoting wild ideas. For the same reason, i enjoy cryptozoology.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

like I said, I think he found sanctuary. We all need that at some time in our lives. As for grey squirrels, we know how to share food. :)

I just enjoy stirring things up. That's the fun of following conspiracy theories. But as they say, "Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not out to get you!"

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

as Mark says, we'll just have to wait for the Chinese to goto the moon and comeback with photos of the trash left behind!

I know that many find the lunar landing is inspirational and I myself am a big sci-fi fan but for now, I am still more interested about discovering our own world.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

secret agent woman,
My heart is heavy with this tragedy. This totally unnecessary tragedy.

For me conspiracy theories is just a fun hobby. I would not be fussed if the conspiracy theory turns out to be wrong. The fun is in the speculation. It's a different form of gossiping!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I have fun with conspiracy theories. It is like intelectual gossiping. I can dismiss most of the lunar landing hoax evidence. However,I am not satisfied with the explanation give for the two examples given.

To take a photograph of a subject in the dark shadow with a light source behind the subject and have the subject lit is very difficult to achieve. Photographers do it by using fill-in flash or by having reflective surfaces bouncing the light back. Mythbusters suggest that the special reflective surfaces of the moon enabled this reflected light to occur. I am not convinced.

More important I cannot understand how an object can appear in front of the crosshairs on the lens. Mythbusters claim that some white images can "bleed" in photos which make it appear to be in front of the crosshairs. Perhaps, but I have a hard time believing it. Occam's Razor would suggest the simplest explanation is that the photos were tampered with.

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