Final 28 on the Wonder List

on Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last year, I posted about the on-line voting for selecting the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.
The process began with nominations from around the world which resulted in over 440 nominated sites. The top 77 sites are then reviewed by a special advisory committee and this has result in the selection of the 28 finalists.

The 28 finalists are as follows (in alphabetical order);

  1. Amazon (South America)
  2. Angel Falls (Venezuela)
  3. Bay of Fundy (Canada)
  4. Black Forest (Germany)
  5. Bu Tinah Shoals (United Arab Emirates)
  6. Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
  7. Dead Sea (Middle East)
  8. El Yunque (Puerto Rico)
  9. Galapagos (Ecuador)
  10. Grand Canyon (USA)
  11. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  12. Halong Bay (Vietnam)
  13. Iguazu Falls (South America)
  14. Jeita Grotto (Lebanon)
  15. Jeju island (South Korea)
  16. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  17. Komodo (Indonesia)
  18. Maldives (Maldives)
  19. Masurian Lake District (Poland)
  20. Matterhorn (Switzerland/Italy)
  21. Milford Sound (new Zealand)
  22. Mud Volcanoes (Azerbaijan)
  23. Puerto Princessa Underground River (Philippines)
  24. Sundarbans (India/Bangladesh)
  25. Table Mountain (South Africa)
  26. Uluru (Australia)
  27. Vesuvius (Italy)
  28. Yushan (Taiwan)
Well, only two of the sites I voted for in the first round has made it to the finalists. They are Angel Falls and Milford Sound.

I guess my final 7 choices from the 28 finalists will have to be;

  1. Angel Falls
  2. Milford Sound
  3. Amazon
  4. Great Barrier Reef
  5. Galapagos
  6. Halong Bay
  7. Dead Sea

If you would like to VOTE, go HERE.


Lorac said...

I am for the Bay of Fundy! Yeah Bay of Fundy. See, it even sounds Fun!

geewits said...

Thanks for the list. VioletSky has been posting about this and it's fun to look up images and info on these places. She mostly had the ones she liked or voted for, so I didn't have the whole list. I don't think you guys had any of the same ones for your faves. It's fun to see and read about all these wonders of nature.

Marja said...

Great ones I've seen the Matterhorn great Milford Sound is stunning and I was surprised to see the Black Forest We went there on holiday as kids It is not far from Holland.
I would love to go to Tanzania one day It is a beautiful country
I saw a salt lake in Turkey which was also turquose and absolutely beatiful

evalinn said...

Hey I really like your header and the new look of your blo (new to me anyway, since I haven´t been blogging for ages). Do you do all this stuff, or does someone help you?

kat said...

Amazon (South America)
Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Galapagos (Ecuador)
Grand Canyon (USA)
Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
Iguazu Falls (South America)
Uluru (Australia)

I saw a Sunrise Earth segment with the Irish cliffs (and puffins flying about) ... it was amazing

Jo said...

My vote would be for the Great Barrier Reef, which is all the more reason why we should be protecting it.

I just read your post on the Moon landing. The idea that the moon landing was a hoax is -- a hoax. Of course it happened. Why would anyone even want to think otherwise? Man is an incredible animal. He has reached for the stars. What other animal on earth has done that?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I haven't been to the Bay of Fundy but it does sound like fun.

There are a few on the list that I have not heard of as well. It is good to learn about these places.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

wow! that's a lot of neat places that you have gone to. Consider yourself blessed.

I got help by using a prepared template but even then, it is a real pain to transfer the widgets and details like the blogroll. I used this site for help . Good luck.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

all great choices. I can't get into Uluru though. To me it's just a big rock!

Well, hate to burst your bubble but of course squirrels (of the flying variety) have been to the moon, found no nuts and have returned. :)

kat said...

gosh LGS, didn't ya know! rocks ROCK!

maldives dive travel said...

Great lists, I would definitely vote for Maldives. It's a popular destination for scuba divers and honeymooners.

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