How to Have Fun With Squirrels!

on Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Specially dedicated to two strong women, csl and squirrel - hope it brings a smile.

Click on the Squirrel to go to Squirrel World.

The rest of you riff-raff can come along too if you want. (Do not attempt to pose on bird feeder - this was done by trained professionals. Do not try it at home).


Michael C said...

I liked that a lot! Maybe I'll try it with the squirrels in my back yard!

squirrel said...

That was really cute! I've got loads of squirrels in back yard and i'm surprised my teen age son hasn't already thought to do that!
Thanks I needed that laugh!

CSL said...

Thanks so much, that was really funny. I showed it to my sons, also. I appreciate you thinking of me!

Josie said...

Oh, that poor little biddy squirrel, and those big nasty men...! I hope it was catch and release :-)


Tai said...

Betcha LGS wouldn't have fallen for that thinly disguised scientific 'experiment'!

(so...where do I go to collect?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was really funny! I have the urge to tell my 38 year old brother about this, he still has enough "kid" in him to try something like that and where he lives it is squirrel heaven! Thank you for the laugh!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Taking a leaf from Josie's comment. I hope that you will only do capture and release!

please do not encourage him to start! Suddenly, I am afraid I may be giving start to the next recreational past-time fad. That would be bad for my brother squirrels. (do not try this at home!)

a small matter. Glad you liked it.

I'm really worried that people will now try this new sport. What have I done?

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my evading abilities. Unfortunately, I am kinda torn between the two sides being also a scientist. Scientists have to have fun too or else we go crazy looking at test-tubes. Heck we are already wearing white - properly dressed for the funny farm.

I take it you bet on "varn-gerris", to collect on reward, please write to Mr. Kato-sushi-san, c/o wastepaperbasket, Cheap Thrills TV, Godzilla Plaza, Yoko-Ono Avenue, Tokyo, Japan.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You posted just ahead of me. Glad you had a chuckle but......

Please don't encourage your brother to start. Eeep! I can see the headlines now "Skewrl fishing -latest craze sweeps America". No, no. Bad for squirrels. Let's keep your brother's place squirrel heaven.

Jocelyn said...

I'm just not a squirrel person, in general, but you may convert me yet.

Becky Wolfe said...

ha ha! Loved it! What will they try next?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hah ! A challenge. Indeed we will make you a squirrel person.

elephant trawling is next. Hahaha.

East of Oregon said...


Dave said...

Too funny! I downloaded it for my son... He has a sense of humour just like yours! lol

...Kat said...

sorry, no plug-in for me to watch
I don''t "do" Windows stuff

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

east of oregon,
Thanks :))

Hope your son likes it.

so sorry. I don't have a solution.

...Kat said...

no problem! I will just go out and watch the squirrels in my yard.... hogging all the seeds from the birds :-)

my backyard said...

Cute little squirrels!

I've got to check out the other squirrel videos at that site.

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