The Indiscrete Truth

on Thursday, February 22, 2007

I hope that most of you have seen Al Gore in the Inconvenient Truth, presenting indisputable evidence of Climate Change as a result of global warming. This is a serious warning backed by the majority of the world's scientist. If you have not seen it, please try to do so soon. I have posted on this before and included a short remix of the Inconvenient Truth.

However, some may still find Al Gore's presentation still a little too technical to understand and even more so some of us may still find it hard to relate to what it means to us practically. To help address this issue, the Lone Grey Squirrel has gone beyond the limitations of the Inconvenient Truth to bring you the Indiscrete Truth below.

In science, we call this "positive correlation". Women are obviously a good indicator of temperature changes. As the world gets warmer, women undergarments become skimpier and men begin to feel the temperature rising. The Indiscrete Truth.

(Disclaimer: Although this is done in jest, I hope the message on climate change is getting attention and causing us to make life changing decisions because I honestly believe it is currently the biggest threat facing the world. Read about the doomsday clock and Stephen Hawkin's view).


Becky Wolfe said...

I love it! Some truth in it too perhaps. However, as I sit here wrapped in fleece today, I wonder if Global Warming forgot about our neck of the woods this year. But seriously, they say it could be our hottest summer on record and THAT is something I do NOT look forward to. We just try to do our part by being energy efficient & earth respecting. It doesn't seem like much, when you look at it being one person's efforts but I believe there are many 'one persons' out there trying to do the same thing.

Proxima said...

Yes, the squirrels here already think it's spring and it's only february! They live in a cedar tree in front of my balcony and yesterday they were having sex. I was worried they would fall off the branch and embarassed to be watching. So I yelled "Get a room!"

I had hoped they were too busy copulating and would leave my bird feeder alone, but of course the male just had to come for a snack afterwards. :)

Janice Thomson said...

Good one LGS! I agree we need to take seriously the threat the changes in the weather indicate. A timely post we should all consider at great length.

Top cat said...

judging by those pictures I can't wait until

In all seriousness it's time to take the politics out of global warming.
We only have one mother earth, let's take care of it for future generations.
These findings go beyond what was once referred to by the opposition as whacky science.
Thank you for posting about this.

Cheryl said...

I hope it's not too late to stop climate change. I was just reading about the destruction of the Amazon Rain forest and it's huge. I did love your visual!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

spot on. We got to think of many individuals all trying to do the same thing to solve the climate change problem. You're expecting a record hottest summer? We were told to expect a six month drought. Instead, we have been having abnormally high rainfall during our normally dry period. Clearly, even the "experts" are having some problems predicting climate change.

"Get a room!" Haha. Indeed. But you've made an important observation, for some animals and even plants, the climate change will play havok with their sex life and also their food supplies.

For any hope, first of all the message must go out. Next we need to get off our behinds and do something positive. Thanks for your support.

You know, I was afraid someone would find a silver lining to Climate change!! haha. Sharp of you to spot it. But you are absolutely right. Let's get the politics out of climate change.

well, I think most scientists would agree that climate change has already happened and that there will be consequences including economic and human costs. Some species may also be under threat or facing extinction. It may be already too late to prevent that but it could get a lot worse and we can still act now to prevent that.

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