Squirrel's Secret Spot 10 : Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

on Monday, November 05, 2007

This is a recent discovery but I enjoyed it so much that it immediately makes it to my Squirrel's Secret Spot list. This is the Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens which is located about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney, Australia in part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Site. This Botanical Gardens is at 1000 m above sea level and specialises in higher altitude or cool climate plants. The bog plants in my last post was one of the attractions that piqued my interest.

However, it has a number of gardens and I enjoyed them all. Amongst the highlights are a section on desert plants from Australia as well as from South America and South Africa. There was a pine forest. There were the herb gardens and many more. The view into the valleys were also grand. Another attraction is the presence of the wollemi pine - which is a living fossil.

I had about an hour to spend there which was much too short. It could easily have taken a day just to see everything, two days to see and digest the information and many days just to enjoy the place. The pictures below all by LGS and for your enjoyment.

Unusual sighting of a lone grey squirrel in the gardens
Beautiful Flower

Brilliant Colors

Strange desert plant

Waratah Flower


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Gorgeous pictures, LGS -- your posts are inspiring me to visit Australia!

I'm thrilled that you're the first to comment on my nice clean fresh new blog, and also thrilled that you'd mention Buffy -- I love that show! 'Tabula Rasa' is latin for 'clean slate'.... a fresh start!

Open Grove Claudia said...

wow. just wow. Some of these plants (the last one for sure)I remember from growing up in California. However, I've heard that these plants are extinct now. Very sad.

What a beautiful way to start a Monday.

Margaret said...

What a lovely hide out. =O) I love Bontanical Gardens, we have a little one nearby here in Savannah but when I go South to Florida there is a much bigger one that I love to see in Jacksonville next door to the zoo.

Although nice, none compare to Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia. I would go there every year on a Garden Club trip with my Grandma and Mom.

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh LOVE that strange desert plant; awesome color! These photos are just spectacular ; I can see why this is another secret spot.

Ruth said...

great pictures...I so wish I could just spend my life in these gardens!! I would take such good care of these plants.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

To be honest, Australia is not one of my favorite countries to visit but it does have its gems except that you really need to have to travel long distances to get from sight to sight. But mostly, for most of the year, it is too dry, too hot and too many flies. Just trying to give a balanced view but hope I didn't put you off. Spring is a good time to go.

Ah, Buffy. I am a complete Joss Whedon fan. I think he really has an economical style of writing, i.e. able to say so much with a few words or a single scene. Tabula Rasa = clean slate. I like the meaning and the way it rolls off the tongue!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of those plants. Have you thought about what exotic honey bees could make from these flowers?

I am no green thumb but I do enjoy walking about gardens and discovering plants I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing about Longwood Gardens.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

that strange plant with almost iridescent hues is a desert plant from Chile if my memory serves me right. I could get lost for the whole day in that garden.

They take volunteers!!! Just thought you might like to know.

MedStudentWife said...

More pictures, please.... the plants are just gprgeous.I want to see more

HeiressChild said...

these are all so beautiful LGS, especially the strange desert plant. we have a botanical gardens in D.C. and MD. the one in D.C. has had this flower on display a couple of times, which i can't remember the proper name, but it's called the 'stinky flower' or something like that. even though it smells, people wait in long lines just to see it.

meggie said...

Wow LGS, wonderful pics! You look very handsome standing there, with the unusual backdrop. Not your usual habitat??
Last pic, Warratah??
A South African flower?
Our neighbour has one, I will post it.

Molly said...

Beautiful plants--especially that turquiose one! You certainly get around---for a small rodent---don't you?

Marja said...

Oh LGS (What's your name?) I adore these photo's I love gardens , but these ones are wonderful with that nice view. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I love visiting botanical gardens.


Josie said...

LGS, what gorgeous pictures. I'd love to do a watercolor painting of one the desert flower.

BTW, who's the cute fellow in the first picture? :-)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

"More, Moorre!" (from the scene where Oliver Twist says: Please sir, can I have more (food)?") :)

I don't think this desert plant is the stinky variety as it was attracting bees. Stinky flowers usually attract flies and beetles. However, I think I know which plant you mean cause we have one here of a similar shape which is a stinky flower but it certainly doesn't have that particular striking blue hue.

Anonymous said...

The strange desert plant is amazing.
What a beautiful garden.
Good to see you lgs, my blogging has been erratic lately.):

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I did feel out of my element. I usually like my forests and gardens with tall trees. The Waratah? As you know it is found in Australia but I believe reading that it has relatives in South Africa (lending support to the theory that the continents were all joined at one time.

"Turquoise". Thank you. I've been calling it a "blue hue" but you are absolutely right! It is turquoise. As to scampering around, I guess I am one of those who thinks the nuts are always more plentiful on the other side and just have to go over and check. :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I will answer to almost anything except "Hey, you!" But if you insist, I am known to have a preference for "Calvin" but LGS is fine too. Glad you like the photos.

I too love botanical gardens but I thought this small compact garden stood out in its arrangement and collection of fascinating plants.

Please, please do a rendition of the desert flower. Look forward to seeing it.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks. Even though it has been erratic, I still make it a point to visit your site almost daily. Hope things are well with you outside the blogosphere.

Claire said...

I've always wanted to visit Australia. Right after I get back to Italy and get all my kids through college. When I'm about 500 years old and falling apart... ah well, better late than never.
Love the photos squirrel!

Deepak Gopi said...

Thank you
Happy divali to you and family
I am here for the first time.I like your blog very much.
I am seening those flowers for the first time in my life.Those pics r really great
Thank you for visiting my blog

Gina said...

Every once in a while I think that I have probably seen whatever I am going to see in life and then...suddenly...I am happily surprised...This is one of those times. I LOVE the flowers! Thank you!!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Italy first and then the world! May it come long before your old age! :)

Thank you for coming by. Happy Diwali to you and your family. Do not be a stranger here. Come again soon.

I am glad. I had a similar reation to the desert plant.

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