Happy 2008

on Tuesday, January 01, 2008


evalinn said...

lol! Happy New Year! :-D

mago said...

Happy New Year! Health, happiness and blessings to You and Your family!

Janice Thomson said...

LOL Excellent pic Calvin!
The best to you this new year.

Cheryl said...

That was priceless. Happy New Year LGS!

Gina said...

That is cute. Squirreling, they call it. I had never seen a squirrel do that with his food but I have seen people do it.

Happy New Year and best wishes on the resolve! I have to keep my winter fat just for one more month.

squirrelmama said...

As one chipmunk said to another "very cheeky." Good luck, that might be a tough nut to crack but we ALL support you!


Open Grove Claudia said...

I was instructed to inform you that this is, in fact, a chipmonk. Of course, D. knows this, being the believer in the inventor of the "there's only one squirrel in the world" religion. (rolling eyes).

Great photo! How's the diet going? We are going on an elimination diet tomorrow - no caffeine, sugar, wheat.... um I'm not sure what else. I'm in denial for another few hours.

Happy New Year. You are a blessing!

tsduff said...

You are SUCH an inspiration to me!!! Thanks LGS, and Happy New Year to you!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy new year to you!

Thanks. May 2008 bring much blessings to you and your loved ones.

Thanks. I pray that 2008 will be a year of great blessing for you.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl.

I am just going to watch what I eat.....doesn't mean I will stop eating it! Happy New Year.

Have a blessed new year.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thank D for pointing it out. Squirrelmama also noticed. I am in disgrace. I should have known but can I blame late night partying for the poor judgement? Happy New Year.

Wow, thanks for the encouraging words. How nice to start the new year. May your year bring much happiness and contentment.

leslie said...

When I clicked over and saw that photo I started laughing - that's just like you! And me! hiding the food but really in plain sight. One of my goals this year is to reach my goal weight. It won't happen if I keep squirreling away things like nuts. lol Let's help each other out.

Odat said...

What a big nut you've got there Chip....errr, I mean Squirrel...lol.

Happy New Year!


Becky Wolfe said...

This year I resolve to watch myself eat. lol

Happy New Year!

CS said...

Ha ha! That is too cute. That chipmunk (I think that's what it is, anyway) is trying to break the rule of Never eat anything bigger than your head.

Happy New Year!

Dave said...

Now Calvin... that is a very tall order for me! LOL

All the best in this resolution for you! :-)

Take care!

riseoutofme said...

Great photo lgs! Happy New Year!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It would be good if we can help each other keep to the straight path so that we both can become narrow....straight and narrow?

you got me. it is a chipmunk. I hang my head in shame.....it was late, I was tired, they all begin to look alike!

no dieting for you ....eating for two and all that! Have a great 2008.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

yup, chipmunk! What can I say? No self respecting squirrel wanted to pose for that shot.

Watching what I eat doesn't necessary mean I would eat anything less....just that I will have a good look at it as it goes down.

Happy New Year.

blackcrag said...

I watch what I eat. It's easy. I watch it go from the plate into my mouth.

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