You Make My Day, Bloggers of the World

on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clearly, low on brain energy and imagination, the title of this post is actually derived from combining the words of two awards. To my surprise, it actually makes some sense and also happens to be true. Checking up on what's going on in the blogosphere is definitely a daily necessity which I fail to do only when extremely pressed for time. Anyway, these awards very pleasantly came my way a little while back and it is time for me to pass it on.

My good friend, "this is another fine mess that you have got me into" Claudia, gave me this award saying, "Squirrelly and I share a mutual horror for the tragedies of the world. Kenya, Burma, Malaysia… He’s one of the few people I know who can write as eloquently about the tragedy of ethnic cleansing and his love for great food. And through it all, he works to create peace in his life."

I award this to some of the blogs that I visit almost daily and have often made my day.

  1. Josie at C'est la Vie cause visiting her is like spending time in a warm kitchen with fresh baked apple pie. Josie's always got the coffee brewing and there's always pleasant company gathered there. Great way to start the day.
  2. Jessica at daysgoby cause it always feels like playtime at her blog as she welcomes us to the loving chaos that is her family.
  3. MedStudentWife at Another Day in Paradise cause her crazy humor never fails to hit the spot and brush the cobwebs from my mind.
  4. Becky at Words of a Wolfe cause her thoughts and almost daily meditations from God's word is like nourishing chicken soup for my soul.
  5. Dave at In My Head cause when I drop in, it feels like we are off beachcombing the shores of life and finding treasures and curiosities along the way.

Marja, very much a blogger of the world herself, gave me and others this award saying, " The following people from all over the world are not only very nice they all have some deeper understanding about life."

I award this to some of the bloggers that I visit that make the world a smaller and better place by sharing their cultures and perspectives from their corners of the world and who are keen to learn from others too.
  1. Meggie at Life's Free Treats cause she widens my mind with tales from a wide traverse of time and space with an Antipodean flavor.
  2. Claudia at On a Limb With, Claudia cause there are no spectators at her blog. It won't be long before you are participating in something that will make you a better person and this world, a better world.
  3. Evalinn at Stock City Girl cause she's a great ambassador for Stockholm and she's always exploring the world. Even now I am waiting for her to return from her South American adventures and to enlighten us about it.
  4. Proxima at The Echo Tree cause she's a multi-cultural festival, a spiritual experience and an intellectual feast all in one.
  5. Tom at Patterns of Ink cause he is both looking deep within his roots and is also expanding his view of the world today and we get to come along for the vivid experience.
But to all of you, thank you for making my daily blogging experience a wonderful and fulfilling one. Thank you for contributing to my daily addiction. (I am not above receiving donations for my rehab treatment).


daysgoby said...

Pressies? I love pressies!

I'm honoured, C.

Becky Wolfe said...

Yay! Fun! Thanks! I have to post again soon cuz I took a few squirrel photos this week while out for a winter walk. Thought of you!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh... I'm actually crying. Thank you - I could not be more moved or touched. I... (am a blubbering idiot). Thanks.

And your awardees are so deserving! Hurray!


Josie said...

Aw, LGS you are so sweet. You have the funniest sense of humor of anyone I know, and your blog does indeed make my day. Congratulations on the award!

And thank you for passing it on to me....!

meggie said...

Congratulations on your awards! YDI.
And sincere thanks for giving an award to me. I am humbled.

Dave said...

LGS... Thank you for this presigious award. Just to be recognized by you is an honour. Take care LGS!

MedStudentWife said...

Thank you LGS - gosh... I am truely thankful that I can make people smile... there is so much crankiness in the world.

Ya know what Fidel asked me last night ?

What do turnips have nightmares about.

I think he's the one sniffing turnips*lol*

heiresschild said...

congrats on your awards LGS.

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweetie LGS! I am most honored by your kind words.

So many things to get done, nothing has suffered more then my blogging time. I can't wait to truly relax and appreciate our hard work over the last month.

I truly miss trying to keep up with all of my blogging friends as well.

Take Care my kindhearted squirrel!


leslie said...

Congrats, LGS!!! How nice after having had such an awful shower accident a while ago. I visit Josie, Meggie, and Tom as well and always find their posts intriguing.

Jocelyn said...

I love how articulate you are about your affection for each blogger. You nailed it.

Congrats to everyone.

CS said...

Good for you, and well-deserved.

CS said...

Congratulations, here's another for your mantle! I have an award for you over at my place!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Congratulations, Calvin, on both those most well-deserved awards.

Your blog is like entering a world where there is compassion, beauty, and good food, too. I always come away so very impressed with your wisdom and clarity and your wonderful ability to express them clearly.

patterns of ink said...

thanks, LGS,
I find myself awake and alone tonight and remembered a comment I read from you while I was in
Thailand. Though that experience was cut short, it was a wonderful week in a part of the world new to me.

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