Unburied Nuts from 11th May 2007 : Anxiety Attack or Psycho 101

on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Squirrels often bury their nuts and when needed unearth them once again for consumption. On that flimsy excuse, I occasionally re-post something from the earlier stages of this blog which I think deserves a second chance in the limelight. It seems like the right thing to do again this lazy Saturday afternoon. Hope you will enjoy this.


I just wanted to get a post out tonight. Yet when I came to the keyboard, I could not decide what to write about. I had so many ideas and yet none seemed right for the moment. I soon realised that I was suffering from an anxiety attack. I wanted so much to post something and to make sure it was an awesome post that in the end I am paralysed with indecision. This form of anxiety is known as performance anxiety. In my opinion, this tends to affect men more than women. Worse, women have no sympathy at all for male sufferers.

If you think that performance anxiety is just the whimperings and imaginations of a weak mind, you should try and pee at this lavoratory pictured below. Women are very often the cause of this form of anxiety.

Anxiety is often linked to paranoia; the mistaken belief that everyone is in a conspiracy to get you. Again, to those who are free of such ailments, paranoia anxiety seems so silly. What makes you think that you are so special that everybody even notices you, let alone conspire against you? However, if you have paranoia anxiety, you see evidence for this conspiracy everywhere. I noticed this advert recently. Being ethnic Chinese, I had to wonder why 30 Chinamen (and a zeppelin) was needed. Should I take offence, be worried? I am all of that but I am also very curious on how this practical joke will work.

Finally, anxieties tend to make me seek comfort in eating. Paradoxically, this can lead to its own set of problems in the form of food or diet anxieties. I worry and therefore I eat. But I eat so much that I worry. However, it is really, really bad if others worry about what you eat too.

Squirrels need to take care of their anxieties cause they already spend too much time with nuts.


Janice Thomson said...

That was hilarious LGS. I don't know which part I liked best I'm still laughing so hard - love the Chinese sign though!

xup said...

Very funny, but I understand that squirrels actually do not remember where they put their nuts once they'vs buried them.

evalinn said...

Lol, too funny! :-)

Jo said...

LGS, thank you for the great belly-laugh. I needed that!


meggie said...

Lovely piece of humour here!

the walking man said...

I think I would "shrink" away from that particular urinal.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Cat lovers may not enjoy the chinese sign as much! LoL.

Well, Nat Geo claims they only find about 10% of the nuts they bury thus helping to plant new forest trees.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

How have you been? Nice to see you drop by.

My pleasure.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You're welcome.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. How intimidating.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I am a long-time fan, because I remmeber this post!

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