Attention Cat -Lovers.

on Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In the interest of Blogging peace, Lone Grey Squirrel, hopes to assure all readers, visitors and cats that he does not really hate cats (just "demon cats" called Cujo).

To demonstrate, his sincerity, Lone Grey Squirrel can be seen here apologising to a representative of cat-kind (but only behind the safety of plate glass window!!!!!).

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...Kat said...


Le Nightowl said...

Hello, Lone Gray Squirrel! (may I call you LGS?)
Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
I've just had a peep at your profile :)
I read All Creatures Great and Small quite recently (a friend from California sent me a copy in English) and I found it extremely refreshing & exhilarating.
I can unfortunately confirm cats do kill squirrels, as my mother's cat once brought home a squirrel she had just done in :(
I even caught her red-handed (I should say red-pawed) after she'd killed a field-mouse.
Proof here: (note the innocent look)
... after reading the Cujo story which I found absolutely delirious in the relentless escalation of evil behaviour, I can understand the point of the glass pane protection in this image!
This being said, I'm a cat lover, I own 2 exceptionally peaceful specimens... rather, they own me :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

le nightowl,
Thanks for the visit and comment. As there seem to be so many cat lovers, I intend to stay clear of the topic for a long time!!!! I have added you to my list of links, I hope that is ok.
LGS is fine. I will answer to almost any name (well trained).

Ta Ta For Now

Josie said...

I have seen some cute pictures, but that is officially the cutest picture I have ever seen.


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