Let Me Dream - Don't Wake Me Up Too Soon

on Saturday, December 30, 2006

I had a bad case of writer's block tonight. It wasn't that I had no ideas at all but I did not feel sufficiently inspired or perhaps prepared to write on some of the topics that came to mind. Among topics I had considered writing about were my favourite TV shows, movies, an odd story about a friend and even about my unusual hobby of visiting gravesites. Somehow none seemed right for this night.

Then as I struggled in total silence, I heard a whisper of a tune. At first, it was a broken tune, incomplete; the words were not coming through but it soon drew its parts together from the coils of my memory, rising like a Phoenix reborn from the dust and ashes. I watched its rebirth with wonder as first the tune began to take shape and then I recalled the entire last line of lyrics and finally I recognised it. A friend from the past. A song I do not consciously remember singing since I was thirteen or fourteen.

Why this sprite from my past? Readers of this blog will know that there was recent discussion about keeping the innocence of children for as long as possible and giving them a nurturing and empowering environment. Somehow, all that had resonated a chord in my memory and brought this to the surface. This song was always able and is still able to bring tears to my eyes; the regrets of lost innocence, I think.

It is a song by Neil Sedaka entitled "Super Bird".

When I was young, no worries in my head,

I used to flap my arms, and fly around the bed,

Just like a super bird, zoom, zoom, zoom.

Up and down the chandelier, all around the room.

When I told the people that I could really fly,

They said that little boys ain't supposed to lie.

Poor little super bird sitting on the ground,

No zoom, zoom, zoom, when anyone's around.

Fly, fly, fly super bird, super bird.

While you're young super bird, super bird.

There's time enough to wreck your dreams.

Have your fun, super bird.

They said I couldn't, so what did I do then?

I cried myself to sleep and never tried again.

Poor little super bird they woke you up too soon.

No Santa Claus or green cheese on the moon.

It skipped my mind for years, at least until tonight,

When I tucked the kids in bed and I turned out the light.

There at the doorway, you'll never guess what I heard,

"Zoom, zoom, zoom, super bird."

Fly, fly, fly super bird, super bird.

While you're young super bird, super bird.

There's time enough to wreck your dreams,

Have your fun, super bird.


Dave said...

Hi LGS! I am amazed that I have found someone else who likes to visit grave sites. I find it somewhat interesting and relaxing... I have a poem for you that I will send to you when I actually find it regarding tombstones... then again, maybe I will blog about it since I too seem to be having writer's block this season.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I have to say I'm feeling a little lonely here. You're the only one who left a comment. Why is that? Does this post stink? People can't relate to Neil Sedeka?

I think we both should reconsider posting about grave sites - otherwise our blogs will become silent as tombs. lol!!!

Thailand Gal said...

Actually, you have a very interesting blog! Please keep going. Comments will come. I came your way via Guilty With An Explanation and was immediately struck by the fact you are in Malaysia. (I'll be moving to Thailand.) You also provided an interesting post. I'll be back. :)



Dave said...

LGS ... Think nothing of it! Holidays just make things slow. You have a very unique blog so don't change a thing. :-)

Dave said...

Hey LGS ... Are you having any difficulty getting into Marie's blog? Evertime I link to her, I get redirected to some search site. This has been the case for two days now...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

thailand gal,
thanks for visiting and leaving such encouraging remarks. I'll be visiting your site soon.

I lost access to Marie's blog 2 days ago as well - unless she's been taken over by an e-card site. Blogger says there are some 400 blogs experiencing connection problems. Hope it clears up soon.

Josie said...

LGS, There are actually clubs in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island who like to visit gravesites. You and Dave are not alone in your interests.

And you're not alone on your blog either. I sometimes have difficulty posting because your blog is Beta and mine is not. I think there are a few folks like that. But your blog is always interesting and fun.

I don't recall hearing that Neil Sedaka song, but I LOVE "Oooh, I hear laughter in the rain, walkin' hand in hand with the one I love." Remember that? It sort of suits rainy Vancouver somehow.

Happy New Year to you and your family!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I know the song that you are refering to. Happy New Year to you too.

Le Nightowl said...

Dear Dave & LGS,
I deleted my blog, I felt I didn't have anything to say :(
This was in fact my 3rd attempt in the blogosphere.
I need to reassess my reasons for keeping a blog.
I would have dropped you a line by email, but I don't see any email link on your profiles.
If you click on my name, it should take you to my profile, and my email address, should you feel inclined to drop me a line :)
Happy New Year to you, my friends!

Anonymous said...

Hey LGS,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. It is 7:14 am in the states, we are just waking up. Don't know what time you have? Your day is likely nearly over already, but I still wanted to wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year.


Freddie jr. said...

I would also like to wish you a happy new year and I must confess that I too enjoy wandering the grave yards looking at all the old tomb stones, so much history.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

thanks for your wishes. It's good to hear from you - both here and at your blogs. God bless you and yours.

Thank you also for your wishes. I guess that I am not surprised that you like to visit grave sites too. I fully agree that there is so much history to be gleaned there. (Hey dave, there's at least three of us now).

Le Nightowl,
I am so sorry to learn that you have currently discontinued your blog which was for me one of the blogs that i always looked forward to visiting. However, i do understand that it has to be your blog and you need to know what you want to say for yourself. I hope all of us will be lucky enough to see you active again soon. In the meantime, I want your assurance that "Corkscrew" has not been fed to "le Chat"!

Le Nightowl said...

Don't you worry... Corkscrew is just taking some holiday (away from Le Chat), until his home is redecorated :)

adelym said...

My dear uncle.. didn't know you have an unique hobby of grave visits. Malaysia well has some interesting grave sites. Sure you gone to Bukit Cina in Malacca. You can visit some of the graves in Perak. My other grandparents buried at a Christian graveyard outside of Ipoh. I heard also the one graveyard where the WWII soldiers where buried but I can't remember the exact spot. All I know is up North. Ah ...you see the ones at Nilai Nirwana Graveyard. Some cost Millions...ehheheh

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi Adeline,
I will be writing something about my graveyard visits soon. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

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