Hero Career Guidance

on Thursday, June 14, 2007

As of midnight (GST – Grey Squirrel Time), the polls were closed with only 24 votes cast. The first obvious question was why the poor voter turn out. Where have all the Heroes and hero-wannabes gone! Are we turning into a society that are missing its heroes? Ah, this may be too deep to be getting into in the wee hours of the morning.

The clear winning category was for “Humanitarian Heroes”. Clearly 33% of the readers of this blog are bleeding heart Liberals. meggie, geewits, evalinn, cheryl and becky, I am so proud of you guys. You believe in sacrificing for the greater good. It’s because of people like you that I still have hope for the world. I was tempted to join your ranks but I made a list of my modest possessions and found that I was barely willing to sacrifice one-tenth of my possessions for the good of other people. So as you set off on your humanitarian missions, you’ll find me waving banners, cheering and giving you moral support and don’t worry, I’ll feed your cats while you are away. I am right behind you,.....way behind..... back home.

From one end to the other, nobody wanted to be a military or sports hero. How strange. Then who’s been watching the war programs on the History and Discovery Channels? And who’s been glued to the TV for the NBA finals, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, F1 racing, Wimbeldon etc.? I am not ashamed. I admit I considered these categories when I was very young. I wanted to taste the blood and glory and it looked so safe. Only the bad guys died and the good guys only got flesh wounds and medals. At least that was what I learned from war movies until I watched M*A*S*H, which then showed me that the line between good and bad is not always clear, the soldiers who died had families and that war killed civilians too. Don’t get me wrong. I know we need soldiers as there are bad people and bad things out there but it just wasn’t for me.

Once I realized how bad violence was, I gave up my dream to be a military hero and would have settled for breaking teeth and bones as the best Rollerball player in the world. Unfortunately, I went instantly from scrawny weakling to pudgy couch potato with no time clocked in the “jock” zone. I was therefore frustrated but could not pursue this goal.

Scientific Heroes and Cultural Heroes are tied with 17% of the vote. It seems as if the results represent the eternal war of reason and emotion; of mind and of heart. So proxima, kat, janice and mago feel the need to save the world through science, logic and intellect but as top cat, several anonymous voters and all good artists know, cold science needs to be tempered with heart and soul, society has always needed to see their reflection and seek there direction from the artists, our cultural heroes. Scientists invent the atomic bomb, politicions invent detente but the flower children led by the likes of Joan Baez and Bob Dillon stopped the war.

I clearly was a Vulcan who was abducted and raised on Earth. This explains my large ears and my predeliction towards Science and having Spock as my pin-up model in my extreme youth. Then I discovered the movie Dr. Strangelove and the wonderful music of the 60's and have been in conflict since. I did study science and saw how hard it is to make a name for yourself in science today. All the easy discoveries and inventions have already been done. Also in my field, the best one can hope for was to have a disease named after you.

Josie and michael want to be leaders. They will have to try harder as they got only 8% of the vote. They believe they can change the world for the better. I applaud them for trying to make a difference within the system. I don't know much about how josie wants to change the world but I know michael's platform and all I can say is that cubicle dwellers rejoice and office managers run in fear! Politics is not for me. I need to blame someone for the mess the world is in and politicians come handy. There are politicians that I do respect but I can count them without using all my fingers and toes.

That leaves the Business Heroes and the Explorers/Discoverers tied with 13% of the vote each. Heiresschild and an anonymous voter want to be business heroes and return part of their success to the community. This is perfectly in line with the new business concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Well done. I'd make a poor businessman with the operative word being "poor". I don't want to be in the rat race cause the winner is still a rat. I generalise, of course, some corporations are showing the way with better practices and benefits to local communities.

Squirrel and I are the only two who chose to be Explorer/Discoverers. Only Mrs. Wolfe almost swayed to our side but at the last moment decided to be more human. What can I say? It's a squirrel thing. "To go where no nut has gone before!" I admit that there is not a lot left undiscovered but it's enough. I just love to discover new places, things, animals, plants and cultures. The work never goes stale at all cause something new is always just around the corner. It's nice to have hero work that you also enjoy. That makes it my number one choice.

Thanks for playing the heroes game. Before I go, a quick mention to a few who refused to vote. These are the anti-heroes. They have important roles to play in modern literature and movie making. Their models include reluctant hero Jackie Chan, Batman and maybe Forrest Gump. They make the world a better place whether they want to or not. Perhaps all of us should just try, even to be anti-heroes.


evalinn said...

Great post Squirrel. Do squirrels live in trees? I don´t mind u staying at home waving, as long as u switch to fair-traded bananas!

CS said...

Hey, you have to give us more time! SOme of us bloggers make the rounds every few days - so I missed the deadline. ALthough I'd have a hard time choosing bwtween three categories: humanitarian, scientists, explorers. Could I be a renaissance hero and have a bit of all three?

Josie said...

LGS, the way to find out for sure if you're a Vulcan, what color is your blood? Vulcan blood is green. There is a fellow in Canada who has green blood. Dark avacado green. The only explanation they could give was that he is a Vulcan. True story!

meggie said...

Love the Vulcan story!
I was torn between the scientific path & humanitarian. Reality kept me chained to my chair at the computer ! hah!

Gledwood said...

Hi - btw I just had to fight my way past a horrible popup to get to you ... don't know how that got in there ... o well...
talking of squirrel-like things: did you know the Wilbury Family squirrel blog? It's still in my links but when you try and get there it says "blog not there" or something ... but it was fantastic! Lots of highly commical squirrel pixx, surely you knew it...??

Hi I've not been by in a while so I feel like I'm dropping in the middle of something here and I don't follow ... Basically I just wanted to say hi to you & everything & wish you all the best

take it easy & I shall speak 2u soon!


The Mann's... said...

oooh if I had known this was going on I would have voted to be a cultural hero a la sir winston and the like. I need to check in here more often you always have interesting things going on!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks. Traditional squirrels still live in trees, either in the hollow parts of a tree or in large nests made of leaves and branches. More modern squirrels find living in the roofs of human houses quite acceptable. I read your post on fair-traded bananas. You are absolutely right. A good rant.

sorry you missed the cut. Renaissance hero is cheating. But really be whatever you want to be!

Alas, my blood is red. Green Blood? Really? Pulling my leg surely.

alas that is the case for most of us. But don't forget that you are a cultural hero by keeping quilting alive and vibrant.

Thanks for the heads up on the pop-up. I don't experience it but if it happens again let me know.....it may have been due to some service I may have subscribed to.

I did know about the famous Wilbury's -- actually I think it was from your blog. I did enjoy their family album especially the blur of a photo of Speedy Wilbury. But it seems to have disappeared off the radar.

I am fine despite mucho problems at work. I find I can rely on God to watch my back and so am not as stressed as I might be. I hope things are good for you too and that you can see yourself progressing towards something or someplace you want.

geewits said...

Uhm, in the U.S. "Bleeding Heart Liberal" is considered an insult and means you jump on humanitarian causes and earthly causes without giving them any thought. Basically that you let let your heart rule your head and don't use your head at all. I am a liberal in the original sense of the word, but I'm hardly a "bleeding heart liberal." I'm hoping you just misused the phrase.

I loved the cat/toast post. I missed it somehow. Oh and I wanted to tell you that the squirrels in New York have wider tails than Texas squirrels.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Actually, I realise that detractors use the phrase "bleeding heart liberals" derogaratorily but I was being sarcastic back at them by wearing the title with pride. I'd rather be a bleeding heart liberal than a soulless money-minded conservative. That was my intention. Apologies if I inadvertantly offended anyone other than soulless money-minded conservatives!!!!

the mann's,
Ummm, a little confused about Sir Winston being a cultural hero. Your not refering to his example of smoking cigars, I think. I had him down as a political figure. Are we talking about the same Sir Winston Churchill?

Janice Thomson said...

A witty and great analysis of the voting Lgs. As usual your keen sense of insight nailed us all perfectly. This was indeed great fun to do!

etain_lavena said...

aaahhh how kewl is that squirel...I would have also gone for discovering......hihih...enjoy the weekend.

Proxima said...

I used to have a crush on Spock! I like pointy ears! :>

Scientists have lots of HEART, they just hide them a little deeper because they can be so easily damaged. They didn't spend a lot of time in the dating world getting a thicker skin for it.

pin-up girl for Tech labs everywhere

Open Grove Claudia said...

I hang my head low for not voting. The problem, Squirrelly, is that I WANT TO BE WONDER WOMAN - you know the Amazon princess saved from the jungle by Steve Trevor?

That wasn't one of the categories... so I couldn't vote.

Jay said...

Gee, sorry I missed it.

Jocelyn said...

This is very fun. I'm so sorry I haven't had much computer time in recent days--so I could participate.

Great idea!

Becky Wolfe said...

:) Thanks for the results. I'm glad humanitarians took the lead. Maybe there is hope for us yet. Explorer/adventurer would have been fun...but I'll take humanitarian as my 'purpose' for the adventures maybe. Such a fence sitter I can be!

patterns of ink said...

I was surprised there were no "teacher" heros in that survey a few days back. I loved the Murphey's Law, anti gravity idea.

Cheryl said...

I think you're the super-hero of analysis!

leslie said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to vote as I've been so busy elsewhere all week. But I'm caught up on your blog now and would like to comment on my choice(s).

I have to admit it's a tossup between explorer and scientific. I think it'd be amazing to go into space and look back at the world, then go further to find another dimension if there is one.

On the other hand, being a scientific hero would give me the opportunity to find a cure for something. That something for me would be to find a cure for all sorts of mental illnesses. I don't know why they were ever called "mental" illnesses because they are actually physical illnesses as a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. I hate the stigma attached to all forms of these brain diseases and hate all jokes about people who suffer from them.

So I don't know if it'll change your results, but my final answer is - SCIENTIFIC HERO.

evalinn said...

LSG - u´re tagged, check my blog :-)

blackcrag said...

Hey, I'm not an auntie anything! I'm an uncle four times over... nearly five!

I also wasn't around during the requiste period, so I can't be blamed for a lack of desire to vote. But making the choice would be hard.

I have to have money before I can give it away for humanitarian causes, I'm not smart enough for science hero, not coordinated enough for athletic hero, and the military rejected me when I applied to them, (because I wasn't employed at the time).

I'd be torn between Explorer (I have tumbleweed roots), Cultural (my oldest dream is to be a published writer) and Business (owning my own restaurant, cafe, and or pub is growing on me). So I want to be a Rennaissance hero too!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

thanks. Fun is good.

but you are on your discovery adventure right now. Keep well and keep us arm-chair travellers posted.

where can I get copy of said pin-up poster?

That would be Super Hero category. We'll have one of those too before very long.

I'll keep the vote open for you the next time.

sorry. I'll try to keep the voting period longer next time. Stay tuned.

quite a few want to chose more than one. Multiple split heroic personality syndrome?

sorry for the oversight!

Thank you. I like that.

Quite a few were tossed up between science and exploration. In a way they are similar cause they deal with making discoveries about our world. Science as you describesd it is more altruistic as it brings benefits to many. Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for playing. Using my special psychic powers given to me by aliens at the time Elvis was kidnapped by them, I suggest you make a business out of cultural discovery. Whatever might that be?

HeiressChild said...

this was fun, and an excellent post LGS, and thanx for posting the results, even though you didn't highlight my name. just kidding. well maybe. no, no, really just kidding. *lol* looking forward to the next voting poll.

blackcrag said...

I am a little concerned about these Elvis-loving aliens giving you pychic powers. they might be working.

I've been trying to figure out how to take a trip, if not around the world, then to several different countries, and write food- or drink-focussed books about my journeys.

I think that fits your definition of 'a business of cultural discovery'.

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