L for Lorraine (Shroud of Loneliness)

on Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is for Lorraine who has been asking me to post a poem. The topic is not significant other than this was the path down which my muse took me tonight. Coincidentally the topic of Loneliness starts with an "L" but that is pure coincidence. I'll throw in all the usual disclaimers including the fact that "no sea monkeys were harmed in the production of this blog" (which I stole from Top Cat so you'll have to ask him what that means). This poem was also tested for safety with laboratory animals (rabbits). When read to the cute bunnies, some fell into a deep sleep. So if you are a rabbit or some relative, do not read this while operating heavy machinery.

Shroud of Loneliness

PhotoCredit: swiatlo

Loneliness can be a blast of winter air,
Leaving you shivering and chilled to the bone;
No one to warm you, none to care,
The soul-sapping wind shreiks, "You are alone."

Tears fall, coming down like spring rain,
Cold on the skin and bitter to taste;
There is none to share our hidden pain,
Of never being part of life's chase.

The heart can be uneasy as summer storms,
Endless like breakers upon the shore;
When life is fullest, bursting in shape and form,
Ours is unchanged, as empty as before.

The slipping of time is marked in autumn's barren trees,
When solitude comes around and shows its face;
Foolish hope lies buried under decaying leaves,
knowing now, we pass on and leave no trace.

Loneliness is existing but never living,
It is being alone in the bustle of a crowd;
The heart yearns for the spark it is missing,
But learns to wear loneliness like a shroud.


Janice Thomson said...

I've never known the loneliness you describe here with such heartfelt phrasing Lgs, and can only hope you have not known it either for any length of time.
'The slipping of time is marked in autumn's barren trees,...' - love this line ...it speaks volumes as does this line too:
'Foolish hope lies buried under decaying leaves,'
You really do have the poet in you Lgs and I know Lorraine would agree too.

Dr.John said...

This is a great poem that certainly catches the feeling that comes with being lonely for a long time.

Ruth said...

humm...yup, that is how I feel, sadly enough.

Cheryl said...

Of loneliness I've always said, 'I'd rather be lonely alone than lonely with somebody else.' I was so alone when I was married. I never feel that way anymore.

Proxima said...

How ironic. I made a Bryce pic of a Buoy before I even came here and read your poem. Crazy!

You can always hang on to my buoy for a little while Squirrel, until your strong enough to swim forth to your destination.

evalinn said...

It´s a beautiful poem. Though being on your own can be a blessing, less lonesome than being with someone. That´s how I´ve felt lately.

Jocelyn said...

I just like that you have a muse.

And you follow her.

Lorraine said...

Lone G, You are a poet...it's breathtaking. So many individuals feel as you do, and in doing so think they're alone, imagine the comfort they would get reading yours...
such beauty in your pain

I shall call you Byron now :)

and yes dear Janice, I agree!

Lorraine said...

and also if ever you need one of my photos, have at it :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lone Grey Squirrel said...

In both this comment and in an earlier one, you expressed concern bout my wellbeing. Thanks for being such a caring person but I wish to assure you that I am in a happy place and a happy stae now. But I did once spend a long time in the dark shadows. I can still recall the raw emotions from then. This is often the passion that drives my writing and also the basis that allows me to emphatise more with others. Thanks again for the kind words about the poem. It does not compare with your brief but powerful eloquence.

dr. john
My hope is that someone who has never experienced the loneliness can better comprehend the feelings of those who have and may be more patient, understanding and supporting.

I am sorry that you identify with the poem so. God made the difference for me. Realising that He thinks I am worth the price of going to the cross of Calvary, helped me with my own problems of self value which in turn enabled me to participate in life as a giver and not just watch life pass by. We often have the power to deal with our own loneliness but it can also become comfortable to not try. You can email me if you want to discuss this further. :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

you and evalinn say something similar. I agree with you that it is even harder facing loneliness within a relationship. I am sorry that you went through that.

you and janice are wonderful but I assure you, I am in a happy place now. It's just that I leave my writing notes in the dark side. I never outgrew teenage angst! Nevertheless, thanks fotr the offer of the buoy. I shall check it out.

That is sad to experience in a relationship. Clearly the problem is communication and learning how to communicate is the key. I know that its easier said than done.
Here's an old joke about communicating in marraige;-

First year:- Husband talks, the wife listens.
Second year:- The wife talks and the husband listens.
Third year:- They both talk and the neighbors listen!

The muse allows me to see, feel, hear, taste and smell words. Without her, I'm just a scientist looking at pixels generated by electric fields on a liquid crystal display.

Thanks for the kind words. Again sorry, its not a happy poem but I can't pull things out of the hat like that. I still find my poems are mechanical and formulaic compared to the creativeness I see in janice's and your poems.

Lorraine said...

Appreciate that Long G, I do it by trusting my feelings, whatever they happen to be

etain_lavena said...

geez Squirrel so perfectly lonely:0)....really kewl poem.

Its also when you talk and words loose sound in the wind.
It moves you to cry in the dark,
toe lie your naked ideas against a cold wall.
enjoy the week:)

mist1 said...

Lorraine is my grandmother's name. French name, Czech woman...long story, just like all of the names in my family.

Janice Thomson said...

Hi Lgs...I had assumed this was something in the past but realized also how great a mark it had left as evinced by your phrasing...it is from our pain that comes some of our most powerful poems. I am still learning how to be equally as powerful with thoughts of a happy nature and not take it for granted or sound phony.

Top cat said...

Beautifully written poem lgs.

seamonkey is a name I use on a musician's forum.

Lorraine said...

Hey Mist 1, had to say something as I am French (Cdn) my name is pronouced Lorraine "REN" not LoRAINne as in Spain LOL

Gina said...

this is a magnificent poem. It is like a painting of lonliness. Brilliant.

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