Go West, Bears!

on Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am short of time as I actually find myself facing a 3 hour commute to attend a wedding dinner in a small town. However, I wanted to put up a quick post and here it is.

This one's for Kat. Thanks for the positive thoughts and the Hex. Together, we can see off all marauding bears. In the meantime, in celebration .........


HeiressChild said...

a family in this area had a real bear attack the other week. the bear actually tried to take the air conditioning unit out of the window. the wife was struggling to keep it in, while the bear was mauling it to get it out. meanwhile, the husband was loading the shotgun. he finally shot the bear, which turns out was rabid. unfortunately, the family went out to the bear once it was dead, and so the whole family had to take rabies shots.

i hope you enjoyed your wedding dinner and had a good drive.

Janice Thomson said...

What a hoot though not something I'd try LOL. Bears are very unpredictable and one has to use extreme caution.

leslie said...

Thought you might like this picture, and the poetry on this blog is quite amazing.

leslie said...

Oh, forgot to mention...funny clip! And LOVE the new autumn "look" for you on the sidebar. Very hip!

...Kat said...

OH LGS I AM ever ever ever ever ever so thrilled for you to take a moment and in such a busy hectic joyous time to think of me and put this up!

You are A Prince among Men and I was so glad to send my positive energies out your way....You have been a shoulder for me when I needed it!!!

I knew you to be a wolf friend as am I
and a HOWLING HEX for and by such wolf friends is a never-fail remedy!

I will hold onto it but I think we can enjoy a salmon feast of celebration now and into the future without interruptions by rude crude bears.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

My goodness. What a terrifying tale and a harrowing experience for that family. Thankfully I have had no such bear encounters.

I had a most "interesting" wedding dinner. It was in a small town, not exactly the boondocks but one which still lives to the tune of a bygone era. Anyway, I was amused that half way through the wedding dinner, some kids came into the restaurant and went table to table selling snacks to the wedding guests!

It is all in humor, of course. Though I admire the few individuals who seem able to literaly live alongside bears in the wild as seen on Nat. Geo. Although, I have heard that at least one of them in the end was killed by a bear.

Thanks for the heads up to the squirrel entry on the woodcarver's blog. I will check in on that blog more frequently. Thanks also for the kind words about my autumn colors.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

My pleasure! Good to know that bars know enough to respect wolf power.

geewits said...

I hope you enjoyed the wedding dinner and the event was bear-free.

Molly said...

Very funny---but only because I'm safe here in my armchair! When we visited Glacier Park and hiked around in there, bear encounters were a very real possibility, and so we always talked loudly and carried big sticks!

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