14 Good Ones

on Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is where I proposed 15 years ago

Tuesday, 9th of January, 2007. It's early in the morning and I am lying in bed with my thoughts still in slumberland where I am dancing with sugarplum fairies. All of a sudden, my wife pounces on top of me and when I open my eyes a crack, I see her smiling face (she can look very cherubic at times, the picture of innocence) and she chirps, "What day is it?"

I wake up with all alarm bells ringing. My eyes dart around the room looking for clues. Birthday? No. Ummm. Ummm. "Happy Anniversary!", I venture and am rewarded with a kiss. Yea! Got it right.

My wife and I have been blessed with 14 years of maritial bliss. I thank God for guiding us through and blessing us all those years and providing friends to help us in our life journey together. I look forward to growing old together.

We celebrated with a meal at the fancy Sudu Restaurant in the Kuala Lumpur Hilton. It is a nice place with friendly staff and we felt very at ease. The Sudu concept is that you order a main meal but starters and dessert is available from a eclectic buffet spread. Lobster was available but I decided to go for the beef which was served with truffle sauce. I had never, never tried truffle and was curious. I was a little disappointed when the beef arrived but there was nothing physically recognisable as a truffle on it. My wife being more socially confident than me, asked the waiter about it and he confirmed that the truffle had been mashed into the sauce. However, he was kind enough to return from the kitchen with two thin slivers of truffle in oil, just for me. Once again, I was blessed to have a wife that complimented me so well and made us a winning combination.

About the truffles, nice texture and aroma and taste but I am still amazed that it is such a costly condiment. The funny thing is if you explain to a Malaysian what a truffle is and you mention that pigs love it - it puts them off straight away cause in our culture, pigs are considered filthy and what pigs love cannot be very good.

Anyway, a nice dinner, a pleasant evening and we are keeping our love alive and exciting. All seems well in the world tonight.


Josie said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Lone Grey Squirrel...! And many, many more. That's wonderful.

I've never tried truffles, but I have always wanted to. What do they taste like? Sweet? Salty? Musty?


Le Nightowl said...

May I recommend a gourmet recipe?
Happy Anniversary to the Squirelly Couple! :)

daysgoby said...

Happy Anniversary...and many more!

Whenever someone talks about tasting something for the first time and being surprised, I'm always reminded of when my brother slathered blackberry jam on a bagel at a buffet and promptly discovered it was caviar.

His mouth was not ready for that!

Jocelyn said...

Good choice, going with the beef; I loved your observations about the truffles! Congratulations on being in just the right relationship.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

truffles are like nothing I tried before. Doesn't help? Okay, it's aromatic, subtle yet pungent, musty with hints of aged golden liquor. I give up. Treat yourself and try it. Even better, get someone to treat you and try it. Cheers.

le nightowl,
Thanks for the recommendation. I suppose you grew up with truffles on the menu?

Did you notice I avoided the lobster? Your brother's experience with fishy blackberry is funny.

Thank you. For further poor attempts at describing truffles, read my reply to Josie above.

Dave said...

Congratulations LGS! Looks like you have an excellent mate!


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Happy anniversary!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Dave & kimber,
Thanks for your kind words.

adelym said...

Oh..better late then never.. Happy Anniversary to you Uncle and Hoong. ehhehe..wow I can't believe it's been 14 years. I seems like only yesterday I first met Aunty (heheh).. see I hardly call her that. Maybe it's because she is forever young looking to me. Btw you are fortunate not to meet the accommodation managers. I don't really have a good liking for them. I tried to negotiate for room once as my company was doing a conference. WEll she didn't seem to want to help. But overall KL HIlton is interesting place to stay if you got the money for it..ehheheh. Wish you both once again the best and yeah...grow old togather lor...

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