Six Weird Things About Me

on Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There is no rest for the wicked. I am being punished for making fun of the most powerful man in the world (see previous post). Claudia has tagged me to do this. Okay, Claudia, YOU asked for it. Here it is......


1. SQUIRRELS: First the obvious. I am obsessive about squirrels in general and grey squirrels in particular. I have not dressed up like a squirrel and climbed trees but it may be just a matter of time.

2. FOOD: I like “white food”. Favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage is soya milk which is white in color. My comfort food includes full cream milk, Ambrosia rice pudding and soya bean curd, all of which are, you guessed it, white. I prefer white chocolates to dark. I even discovered a wonderful exotic white drink in Spain called Horcata which is made from tiger nuts.

3. TV : I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best conceived, written and acted shows ever. I know the show has its fans but most of my friends who know me as a mostly serious, semi-over-weight, middle aged guy are flabbergasted when I extol the virtues of the economic use of words in Buffy or even worse when I sing songs from Buffy the musical. I am also reduced to tears by some of the more poignant episodes.

4. GRAVEYARDS : Regular readers will already know about my interest in spooky graveyards, tombs and catacombs. We can’t all be Egyptologists and discover tombs in pyramids. I get my kicks of learning history through the stories of the departed.

5. BANANA : I am a banana. That’s what they call Chinese who cannot speak Chinese or whose English is better than their Chinese mother tongue. i.e. yellow on the outside but white inside. To be fair, I can speak some Cantonese but only to the extent of being able to order food in a restaurant which is something I can do even in French and German. It’s one of my regrets that I did not practice it enough when I was young and now have lost its use.

6. MIRACLE. I’m not sure it qualifies as weird but it is unusual. I used to suffer from recurring lower back spasms and occasional slipped discs. When an episode occurred, I could be incapacitated for a very long time. The problem was that its, frequency had increased over the years from once or twice a year to once every month. After a particularly bad episode that left me paralyzed in pain for 3 hours on a stair landing, an X-ray was done and the doctors told me I had scoliosis. My right hip was an inch higher than my left. Over the years, my spine twisted to the right, resulting in a rounded back, flat feet and chronic pain. The doctors taught me some exercises to help control the pain but warned that it was likely to progressively get worse as I aged. From then on, I lived with chronic back pain with an occasional paralyzing spasm every few months. However, about 5 years later someone from church who has a ministry of praying for the sick had just given a talk and offered to pray for all who were at the meeting. As she prayed for me, God acted despite my own lack of faith and I felt my bones realign and immediately the pain was gone. By the end of the week, my wife noticed that I had developed the small of the back which had been missing for years. Most importantly, I have no pain since then (7 years ago) except one occasion after lifting an extremely heavy weight improperly. Today, I am pain free and no longer have flat feet. Praise God.

I am going to tag dave, le nightowl, squirrel and nancyle.


nancycle said...

I have a pic of a squirrel I took on my walk Sunday mornin.

Omar went into "white food" world when he turned two or three and it took years to add other colours back in.

Buffy rocks, but the vampires scare me.

I also have a pics of the catacombs in Paris I've been wanting to post....

Never heard of the term Banana, although Omar's best buddy is one.

Your miracle story is FANTASTIC!!! Praise God indeed!

Thanks for the tag...I'll continue the fun and tag a few friends as well.


Open Grove Claudia said...

I love white food as well. Although here in the Colorado, we call it "eating in beige".

We also call "bananas" ABCs - American Born Chinese. Odd to. I wonder what we Irish that can't speak Gaelic are - light beer probably - all the flavor but no punch.

I am grateful for your miracle - too very cool.

My personal favorite is Charmed - although I can cyber high 5 over Buffy.

Anonymous said...

God is so good. Thank you for sharing your miracle. Sometimes we are inclined to believe those things never happen, or not in "our time". It is a good thing to know.

You speak German?

Vie bisht du? (I don't really talk, read or write German well, but because of Pennsylvania Dutch being my first language, I know a bit of German, as PD uses some German.)


Dave said...

1. I will consider you weird if you dress up as one!
2. Not weird
3. Weird! lol
4. Very normal (just like me!)
5. Not weird
6. Not weird

Regarding #3 ...You need counseling my friend! :-)

Josie said...

I would definitely regard that a miracle. No question about it.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Omar went into "white food" world? Maybe there's more to this than coincidence.

Yeah, Buffy rocks.

look forward to your post of the Paris catacombs. And thanks for playing.

"Eating in beige"? Wow,really didn't know there were so many "white food" people.

Are you Irish aka light beer?

I am very grateful to God for what He did.

I watched Charmed for the earlier seasons. Was my wife's favorite.

I always believed in God and miracles but I think like many, I didn't think a miracle would happen to me. I am not special that I deserve it nor did I even have faith. It was entirely God's grace and one thing I know is that I should share about it when I can.
Knowing He healed me helps my faith now in so many areas of life.

My German is limited to greetings "guten tag", "Bitte" etc and food.....and differentiating between the gents and the ladies toilets.

Since I am trying to prove I am weird, I will have to get a squirrel suit. Only 1 out of 6 weird? You are a tough customer.

Counselling for Buffy-itis? You need to want to be cured. I don't know about that but did you know you can take a course in "Buffy - Popular Culture" in one of the Californian Universities? Of all the weird groups I belong to, Buffy-itis sufferers may well be the largest worldwide. Haha.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry to miss you but you popped in while I was in the act of posting the reply.

All who have known me and the recurrent pain I used to suffer, are amazed. There was one old gentleman who would always ask to see my back each time we met for the next three years. It was like he was expecting it would return to it's old painful state and he would shake his head in wonder when he saw that it hadn't.

Doctors, I have seen since refuse to believe I had suffered from severe scoliosis. However, one thing has remained unchanged. My right leg is still an inch longer than my left - yet my spine is properly aligned. All I can say is God is gracious.

adelym said...

Well I don't seem to notice that you have a limp anywhere. Seems you look fine. Praise to God.

WOw you are opposite of dad. He likes black better esp the charcoal coloured food (burnt). I think I followed his liking.

Talking about banana, at least you can speak a little. Well don't worry I can join you. People hear me speak in cantonese say...I don't speak but sing the language.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Hurray for white food, Buffy and miracles!

Le Nightowl said...

I don't find anything weird in your list :)
... Weirdness is only in the eye of the beholder :)
About your tagging me, this is very bad, I'm not sure I can find anything weird about me... let me think it over for a while, though... :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi Adelym,
Well, now that you mention it, I do like dark, burnt to a cinder fried Kuay Teow and "love letters" but that's about it.

you're a writer. What's you professional opinion of the writing in BTVS? Please tell them I am not nuts or bananas (oops wrong words) I am not...never mind.

le nightowl,
you guys are so difficult to impress. :)
anyway, hope you'll play.

Becky Wolfe said...

Congratulations on your weirdness! The white food is pretty weird alright. I love colorful meals and if they look too bland, I'll add some sort of vegetable on the side to spruce up the look :)

Also cool about the grave/tomb/catacomb fascination. I have to say they are pretty cool but there is nothing overly fascinating about them over here in Canada. We are too young of a country I guess.

The healing miracle is the cool part. I have two friends that had scoliosis surgery as teenager but still suffer with limitations now & then as adults. Praise God for healing your back & straightening things back out. Wow!

squirrel said...

Sorry I haven't commented yet on this post! Blogger was going crazy and wouldn't take my comments!

I love your list! And the sroy about your miracle was glorious! Praise God! I too had a miracle of God he healed me from many vices and my emotioanl well being.
My list is up now.

CSL said...

Other people's weirdnesses always sound weirder than your own. Grey squirrels are adorable, what's not to like? And graveyards are fantastic. But I would draw the line at white chocolate which is no kind of chocoalte at all, and rice pudding is the food I am certian they serve in hell (but my aversion to pudddings os one of my own weirdnesses - to the point where I had to post about it recently).

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I like colorful foods too. Just that my top picks are mostly white in color.

Canada can have some interesting gravesites too. I'm thinking of a pioneer, fur-trapper, voyageur, immigrant or gold prospector whose lonely grave lies in a dark forest, on the priaries or i the mountains. dave had an interesting site with stones in an arc on his blog (When I get excited, I ramble on).

Scoliosis is more common than I previously thought. It is far, far, far more common in females. This is a fact that I seldom share cause it bruises my male ego! God bless.

An emotional /psycological healing is even more awesome than a physical one in my opinion. Praise God and thanks for agreeing to play.

A pudding adversion. Now that is weird. I have a chicken adversion (mentioned it in an earlier post. We should do lunch and I'll exchange my main course for your dessert.

Thanks for dropping in and your comments. You have an interesting blog.

Le Nightowl said...

Does having no TV, no cell phone, no microwave oven, count as 3 weird things? :)))

Le Nightowl said...

PS: I just read your comment on Josie's last post :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

le nightowl,
I am completely fascinated. I admire people who have no TV. It's something I'd like to do but fall short. I believe having no cell phone is being wise and protecting your time, space and health. I resisted cell phones for years but at my last promotion at work, they insisted I have one. But no microwave? Please enlighten us- why no tv,cell phone and microwave but expert on computers. :)

Tai said...

Tiger nuts??

What, praytell, are those?

(So glad you know longer suffer back pain! Life is so much sweeter when pain is relieved.)

Le Nightowl said...

It's all a matter of choices... :)

CSL said...

No can do, I don't eat chicken. (Or anything higher in the evolutionary chain than fish.) Trade ya for some chocolate, though!

EA Monroe said...

Hello Lone Grey Squirrel, I wandered over from Josie's place to say hello. I always enjoy your comments -- and now your blog. Graveyards are fascinating places.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I'll have to do a feature on Horcata and Tiger Nuts. There's a story behind it but I'll have to research to refresh my memory. Hope you can wait.

le nightowl,
Those are inspiring choices.

I'm afraid our barter trade has hit some fundamental difficulties. I love chocolates too.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi ea,
Any wandering soul from Josie's always welcome. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment.

d. chedwick bryant said...

You need to visit the Catacombs in Paris if you haven't already. It must be sorta hard to be a banana. squirrels rule. I like it when people pronounce it squeee rell or skwirl ...

nancycle said...

He sure did. It's a sort of phenomenon that was even written about in my "Baby-book bible".

I turned that one around in my head till it had a high polish let me tell ya! LOL

I ended up defaulting to trusting that his body instinctively knew what it needed and forgot about it.

Janice said...

Love this post especially the one about your miracle for your back. I know back pain very well. I had a back injury in 2003 in a kick boxing class. It came back November 2005 to haunt me and I have lived with back pain since then. But God has shown me great things though my back pain. I have had several joint injections this past year and on my 3rd round of physical therapy.
Praise God for your healing!

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