Comments, Numskulls and Punk Squirrels

on Sunday, July 29, 2007

Many moons ago, when I did a post on comics, gledwood asked if I read any British comics. Sure enough I did grow up with a steady intellectual diet of British comics and one particular strip was called the Numbskulls. The Numbskulls are the tiny men inside us that work in the brain department, the ear department, the stomach department etc. The top guy, "Brain" tries to get every Numbskull in every department to work together and get their human to actually achieve things.

Well, I have had a rare weekend of actually resting and no work whatsoever. The result was I slept through to noon on both Saturday and Sunday. Maybe, I was more tired than I thought. Anyway, all this sleeping has only made me even more lazy and dopey (that's right! even more dopey than normal!). So, I find myself now, looking at the Blog screen and find that my creative Numbskull is still dozing off somewhere and not answering the call to duty. In fact the only persona active in my brain at the moment is my Neanderthal Numbskull. With no other choice, I consulted him and he said,"Nguh! UHH! Oo-gah! Nguh! Nya! Oog!"

Neanderthal Numbskull notes that some of you had comments about the music in my life.
Leslie thinks I need more Rock and Roll ala Jerry Lee Lewis. Ivan thinks I need to have more grit and become more hip and has directed me to John Prine and his soulful Country style. Eastcoastdweller feels I am neglecting my patriotic duty and should be writing and promoting songs about squirrels. Neanderthal Numbskull hates so many comments with differing views. It gives him a headache. So please take the poll on the sidebar so that Neaderthal Numbskull can cope with just one answer.

So with the cupboard totally bare, being completely uninspired and taking advice from Neanderthal Numbskull, I have decided to answer eastcoastdweller's request for more songs for the squirrel tribe. The big advantage is that I am just copying what someone who is more creative has already done. Neanderthal Numbskull says it is called "Pla-guh Ri Sin." That might have meant something to my Scientific numbskull but he fell asleep ages ago contemplating simple harmonic motion. Neanderthal Numbskull says squirrel music not so different from the good ol' prehistoric caveman days. Enjoy.

For the latest Squirrel Music Video, press here.


Leslie said...

Hey, LGS! I think the "Squirrel Power" clip covers both the need for rock 'n squirrel.
Where DO you find this stuff? Hilarious!

Claire said...

Oh, I lovelovelove the Squirrel Power video! I'm a sucker for cute animal vids. Check out 'Cats in Your Things Doing Stuff' on YouTube, but only if ur a kat luvin' squirrel. My backyard visitors dislike my cats meowing at them thru the window screen.
Squirrel Power! :)

Open Grove Claudia said...

HURRAY for rest!! Good for you! I love that your t-shirt now says, "eat me" and shows a tomato. Is that a favorite?

Open Grove Claudia said...

I must also say... having misspent some of my youth in the LA punk movement, those squirrels are better than the Police, the Clash, the Sex pistols, X and on and on. Unbelievable.

the walking man said...

LGS just record a lot of everything on a squirrel size mp3 player and put it to shuffle...then start storing all of the nuts you'll need for the upcoming nutless (no pun intende) season.



Tai said...

It's Woodland Anarchy!
LOL! said...

You no Neandert(h)al numbskull.

Twenty years ago, when I was teaching, we had this discussion about "Tiny Brain" and "Computer Brain".

Tiny Brain (Brain?) was supposed to be more recently evolved and tried to maintain control over Computer Brain, whose mantra was something like "Firewater tastes good; must have more firewater!"
Tiny Brain Brain? admonishes Computer Brain and says if you keep doing this, you will be incapacitated and go straight to hell.
Tiny Brain had Snoopy goggles and
watched the machinery and the levers of Computer Brain.

I guess the "Numbskulls" actually make up the total of Computer Brain.

(Egad. It is midnight on a full moon.What on earth am I getting myself into?)

Anyway, I don't hold myself as a great brain, Tiny or Computer, but
it does strike me that we somehow think alike.
It took the Brit comics people to articulate it for us.



Molly said...

Who knew squirrels were so cool and so..o..o musical!

geewits said...

Great video! It reminds me of my favorite video like that:
Yeah, I didn't say anything about your musical tastes because it seems like a very personal thing, but you have to admit - A LOT of that stuff was very saccharine.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

......and there's more where that came from! :)

Glad you liked it and thanks for the tip.

Hurray for rest indeed! I was trying to find a hippie message on a t-shirt but that was the est choice available. Remember to vote for The Nutz for MTV People's Choice awards!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for the hi-tech advice! Peace, brother.

Good to hear from you. Woodland Anarchy, yeah!

I consider it a compliment that you think we sometimes think alike. But darn the British for thinking it first!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Shhhhh. It's a secret! Part of a secret squirrel plot for world cultural domination. :)

music is indeed a personal taste but I'll concede that most of the songs in the last posts were mild. But hey, what can I say? I'm a sweetie. LoL.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

That flying puppy is so cute!

Odat said...

I just scrolled thru all the music thru your ages....I kinda like all those songs myself....
The squirrel video is awesome!!
I love what the posters in the background said...

Jocelyn said...

You are a goof masquerading as a serious guy (okay, you don't actually pretend to be tooooo serious)...

Dan said...

For God sakes, don't hang out with Gledwood!

Just kidding. He's a really cool guy.

Diesel said...

Boy am I glad I don't have anything in my head.

...Kat said...

I suggest you turn on with Janis Joplin.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for the kind words even though I didn't include any grooving disco music in the selection. But let's send out the message of "Woodland's Anarchy!". :)

Another reader once said she couldn't decide if I was a scientist playing the fool or a clown pretending to be a scientist. What can I say? The pair of you are astute and observant. Indeeed I confess to be a serious goof. It's like the Avril Lavigne song says "To stay between the lines would make my life so boring..." Hence I try to blur the lines and become someone who is serious about goofing and clowning at being a scientist! You nailed me.

You are like the god of Bloggers! I am humbled that you had the time to read my blog and leave a comment. Thanks. Gledwood and I are "mates" as the Brits are prone to saying!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Yes, having nuttin' in the head sometimes is better. Me? When I shake my head, I hear rattling!

Congrats on your new book. HEy Guys and Gals, check out diesel's new book at .

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I like your choice. Janis Joplin is cool. As an older hippie wannabe, I tend to mellow with Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell a bit more nowadays.

Josie said...

Well, I never thought I would see a squirrel in a kilt. How on earth do you find this stuff? :-)

Move over, Ivan, there's a new guitar player in town, and he's too cool for school.

(P.S. My numskulls are on vacation right now...)

eastcoastdweller said...

ECD is very pleased. Just for that, he will leave a handful of peanuts on top of the old stump in his backyard for your squirrelish east coast cousins tomorrow.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ivan's a guitarist? wonder how he'll look in a kilt and a nose ring?

Woodlands Anarchy! Woodlands Anarchy! Give us nuts or else!

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