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on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

(Top L-R: Gong Li, Natalie Wood, Sophia Loren)

(Bottom L-R: Susan Hampshire, Isabella Rossellini)

It's been a while that I did any memes. So I was quite glad that meggie tagged me for this meme in fives.

I would also like to tag the following 5 blogging friends to join in the fray (can't force ya'll but hope you will play),

  1. josie of All in Good Time
  2. gina of Forgive me for saying so but....
  3. kat of stayathomekat2
  4. ivan of Island Grove Press
  5. nancy of Heart First
5 Things I wish to do before I die.

Re-visit many of the places I have traveled to so that I can have fresh memories of them.
2. Visit with loved ones and dear friends even those I haven’t seen for years and to be
able to rejoice with those who are doing well and help those who are not.
3. Write a novel that moves people emotionally.
4. Create something special with my hands.
5. Make a positive difference in a young person’s life.

5 Things I Can Do. (Not an impressive list. Barely better than a bumbling baboon.)

1. I can cook.
2. I can sing.
3. I can draw cartoons.
4. I can teach. By this, I think I am a good at teaching. Students always give me a good evaluation.
5. I can write.

5 Things I Can't Do.

1. I cannot dance.
2. I cannot play any musical instrument. (well, actually I played a lot of instruments a little and then gave up).
3. I cannot Bungee (scared of heights)
4. I cannot iron clothes successfully.
5. I cannot lie. Not just because I believe it is morally wrong, but because I am not able to do it convincingly.

5 Things that Attract me to the Opposite Sex.

1. Hair
2. Eyes
3. Compassion
4. Joy of Life
5. A little bit on the chubby side (curvy)

5 Celebrity Crushes.

1. Susan Hampshire (British actress with large cleavage – what do you expect, this was my adolescence crush.)
2. Sophia Loren (Italian Screen Sex Goddess – a bit older now but still controlled by raging hormones. I like my women meaty and curvy)
3. Natalie Wood (American Actress – beginning to see women as people. Natalie remains one of my favorites. She is strong, yet vulnerable. And is she ever so pretty).
4. Gong Li (Chinese Actress – Even stronger, yet vulnerable. The Asian version of Natalie Wood).
5. Isabella Rossellini (Italian Actress, daughter of Ingrid Bergman who almost made this list too. What can I say. She’s stunning at 55 years old. Graceful beauty and aging well).


Janice Thomson said...

I did NOT know you can sing Lgs!...when do we get to hear you? I would love that. To me creating music whether with an instrument or singing is the ultimate in the arts.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hello, LGS: What a good time for me to drop by! Just in time to learn about you! I enjoyed the facts and am looking through some of your other a posts as well. A scientist! What kind of scientist? Nice to meet you.

squirrel said...

I've got something for you over at my blog tomorrow!

thethinker said...

I wish I could sing. Technically, I can sing, but not with any sort of talent.

meggie said...

Thank you LGS, I really enjoyed your 5s. Nice with the illustrations too!
I am similar to you about the lying. I cant do it, & hate to have to even fib a little for the sake of politeness.

Odat said...

Great, great list...thanks for sharing!!!
p.s. an MBA, in answer to your question.

Molly said...

Isabella Rosselini and Ingrid Bergman are two of the most gorgeous women on earth....

Anonymous said...

Good list! I especially like the list of women you like and why.

At first I thought they were the "5 things, uh hem, people you wanted to do before you died." I know, I know, you love your wife, but were talking about wishful thinking here. I'm glad Isabella Rosselini made your list, she'd probably have made mine if I were gay. You should see "Horsemen on the Roof" if you haven't already, it's french with English subtitles.


jmb said...

I first saw Susan Hampshire as Fleur in the old black and white Forsyte Saga. She was stunning.
I am the same age as Sophia Loren but I don't look like her, nor did I when we were both twenty either.
Nice to find out more about you.

Josie said...

This is a great meme, LGS. I will definitely play. You can't iron clothes? It's funny, a lot of men can't for some reason. This morning while I was ironing a blouse, I remembered how much I used to like ironing my Dad's shirts.

BTS, I saw Isabella Rossellini in person once, walking along Fifth Avenue in New York, and she was absolutely beautiful. She was wearing an orange cape, and everyone else around her just disappeared.

Josie said...

P.S. We all want to hear you sing. You can post a voice recording, you know.... :-)

geewits said...

Thanks for this idea! On the ironing thing (Josie): I can't iron worth a flip and my husband is an excellent ironer. I get all flustered and sweaty and keep ironing new wrinkles INTO the clothes.
Also thank-you from one chubby(curvy) woman. You made my day!

Lorraine said...

Good for you Loneg, I can sing, and I do so horribly...plus you're a caring teacher. What else do you need ? LOL
ps don't ever meme me.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Let's not carried away. I can sing means I don't croak like a frog but doesn't mean that I can make a living selling records. On a scale of Frog to Andrea Bocelli, I am probably just pass competent karaoke singer. LoL.

Hi, thanks for dropping in. I am a biochemist and microbiologist by training, worked for awhile in public health but am doing nature conservation work at the moment. Nice to meet you too.

Oooo. Is it bright and shiny or is it nutty and fruity?

Being able to sing is relative.( read my comment to janice). Singing in a bathroom makes you sound better but is also good practice.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks. Enjoyed your post too. You have inspired me to write another post. Check in again in 2 days time.

No, really? You're too groovy to be an MBA, surely. Hey, you must be a breath of fresh air to the business world.

What can I say, we both have great taste! Isabella Rossollini is almost in a class of her own.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Please, while your idea is interesting (CARE TO START OFF THAT MEME?), it would ruin my nice G-rating for my blog. :)

Susan Hampshire is very pretty,isn't she? I notice that now that I a mature enough to see past her bosom. A good an under-rated actress too. Sophia? How old IS she? ooops. forget that! :)

Happy that you will play. Envious that you saw Isabella. Anxious about making a voice recording. Don't know how to do the last one.
So Sorreeee. :)

please play the meme too. As to being chubby, we have to unite against our critics, make our demands and really throw our weight around!!!!!

Well, I would like to be able to say that I am a carpenter, sculptor, potter and artist. Am none of those, hence I want to make something beautiful with my hands. Don't worry, brain the size of a walnut, but I already know you and memes are not on speaking terms.

Anonymous said...

Great list LGS. I also love Natalie Wood, she was a true beauty, her eyes make me melt.

CS said...

The lying one made me laugh. I try to avoid lying if humanly possible. But when I have to to protect myself, I'm told I'm frighteningly good at it.

Donnetta Lee said...

LGS: Hubby and I have also worked in public health--little bit different story. He's a psychologist and I'm a speech-language pathologist. But, my, my, wasn't public health an interesting place to be???

...Kat said...

5 celebrity crushes

Robson Green....first saw him in the BBC movie Reckless....wow

Timothy Dalton....fell for him in his movie version of Wuthering Heights

Steve Jobs.... a geek with major charisma

Paul Newman of course...such class

a singer who shall be nameless here... sigh

...Kat said...


ride a horse
not cry
wear my hair long anymore

...Kat said...

can do....

speak in public

...Kat said...


personal values

...Kat said...


I could "save the world"
win the mega lottery and become a philanthropist
travel the world
sing a whole lot better
have real friends and be a better friend myself

EA Monroe said...

LGS, hi! You always have such interesting posts. It's nice to learn about other folks. I wish I didn't know how to iron! I haven't bungee jumped either, but I did almost fall out of a double loop roller coaster. I thought hopping on the roller coaster a shorter distance to get to where I wanted to go than walking was!

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

Five things to do before I die?

This old coffin-dodger is glad just to be breathing and and making the scene anywhere.

Ah well. I'll make the scene with your meme.
But watch out. There might be some doggerel.
Wordsworth was not a D.O.M., but I fear I've got some Henry Miller qualities--and he was never a spring chicken. :)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

top cat,
Ah, Natalie....

your newly revealed skill is a wee bit scary!!

pleased to "meet" you and your husband.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

A singer who can't be named here .....Oooooo. Inquisitive squirrels are jumping up and down with inquisitiveness! I'm guessing Michael Buble or Harry Connick Jr.

Can't ride a horse, was a surprise.

Enjoyed the rest of your answers too. Thanks for playing.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you didn't fall out of the roller coaster.

Thanks for doing this. Look forward to reading your answers.

...Kat said...

actually, he is the world's greatest unknown :-)

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love that Chow Yun Fat said he did the Curse of the Golden Flower to work with Gong Li. She is beautiful! I think you have great taste - and are smart to know your limits.

Cheryl said...

I love reading memes, but I just can't do them, although I do have one in draft form I've been working on for a while. It's a great way to learn more about your blogging buddies.

CS said...

I've never lied on my blog, and I really do avoid it if at all possible (which is the vast majority of the time). I'm just saying I can lie well if I need to.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ooooo. A mystery man!

Very kind words. If Gong li is within my limits then I can't complain.

Just do this meme. I am most curious what your answers might be.

I know what you meant. I was just teasing. :)

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